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YIG and Reality Fiction

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An unsent email written late 2015 by DonEMitchell.

Greetings [Earthlings]!

Yttrium-iron-garnet crystal, having magnetic windrow-pattern properties.

A psiFi theme I'm trying to nail-down has me writing.

Yttrium, a rare-earth element,

becomes involved with other elements to form a synthetic garnet crystal (YIG), to make a very special crystal in the design-space of the Hexatron.

Yttrium, as a rare-earth element, has un-filled shells, or energy-layers, of electrons in each yttrium atom, these remain unfilled, because they exist in the interior electron 'shells' (the atom's energy layers). This weight-class of atoms, the rare-earth elements, have this characteristic in common.

The unfilled rare-earth atom's electron energy layers are, as unique to the rare-earth class, available in ways not anticipated in more common crystals, like salt and diamond.

The rare-earth atoms of yttrium involved with being a garnet crystal only recently were discovered in human scientific laboratories, opening an area of awe and gee-wiz material sciences. YIG supports magnetic spin waves, naturally, as a crystal. Only external frequencies are required to establish magnetic pattern-resonance with YIG.

When the available, unfulfilled electron-energy-levels (unfilled valence electrons) of yttrium find themselves in the crystal space of garnet, they make an energy-platoon of magnetic stripes throughout the crystal. This condition occurs when outside energy is added to the crystal. The crystal organizes its internal army of alignable-yttrium-electronics in response to an external magnetic field with sufficient local strength, or potential, to match the resonance-song of the unhitched-yttrium electronics.

The crystal patterns, held by platoons of yttrium electrons, appear like a finger-print, when viewed microscopically using magnetic pattern-imaging. The research can be read in contemporary materials science --the quantum frontier.

The Hexatron, by design,

is a tripolar -slash- dipolar simultaneous resonance, of spherical layers in 3D, concentric with a center-point of almost nothing.

The Discloser did not share his technology of the center-point, the quantum enticer. He wanted that left to himself and his other aetherial contacts.

The Discloser DID share enough of his alien science that I find this psiFi theme inside me is yet still designing the star-gate of the nucleo-sonic soul. The premise of the alien science: We exist as our eternal-self in the superluminal quantum plenum.

A spherical amplification of Reality,

the task of the Hexatron is little more than a 'hearing-aid,' per se, for the Soul --an amplifier of the source-signal that our mind exists AS. The knowledge disclosed to myself in 2013, as a synchronicity-closure spanning four-decades, beginning with a vision of holding an operating Hexatron in 1973, the summer after high school, is a knowledge that affords a recognition amidst those things pondered to re-create the 'time lens' phenomena.

The Hexatron is the tension-spring, a tensioner, that warps the diopter in the flatness of space-timing (slowing down the quantum-transition-duration toward center-point). The Hexatron 'winds up' reality around a center point, tensioning the flatness of space-timing, literally slowing down atoms~~, and their resultant harmonic envelope, and providing a topology in the inherent design to ensconce an energy field that collapsed upon its own center-point to accommodate a conservation-of-energy over-time in a time lens.

This science is exactly natural, and is about the passing of a living star into eternity, and the physics of a black hole forming of a spinning, magnetic, intelligent star.

Yttrium is the source of a possible, real quantum enticer technology. The affording technology to manufacture electro-active YIG (yttrium iron garnet) at the proper size to be resonant at the operating target-frequency of a time-lens phenomena, is a rock-tumbler, to make fine dust of the YIG crystals. That starts the whole shebang moving toward OMG technology, by placing the (magnetic-spin-wave fingerprint-tape) YIG dust on a thin sheet on the torus plane of the Hexatron, on the axis of the torus <--- the center-point of the time lens phenomena that amplifies mind, from mind's point of view.

The quantum enticer provides a fingerprint of the zero-crossing moment, wherein a tripolar magnetic oscillation could not exist across zero-crossing to remain the same harmonic topology. The quantum enticer sets the coupling-frequency, and the harmonic chamber is built to exactly match that (data-driven scale-versioning). When that scale-harmonic chamber is built, the YIG provides the nucleo-sonic harmonic of iron as the coupler to the infinite at the center-point. psiFi creates Reality Fiction.

If Reality Fiction works, it produces an amplifier of people-dreams, individually, or in group encounter --provided Reality is alive, and this information really did come from the other side of eternity, sent to awaken the sleeping Souls of our Celestial Being.

The only better quantum enticer for nucleosonic self-structuralization to time lensing would be a spin-wave-rare-earth compound with lead (Pb), which has a lower frequency of nuclear song, and is easier to harmonize against on a grocery budget.


Shoestring Scientist

pursuing OMG Tech (reifying superstition to spiritual tangibility --should a hot quantum dot host a living Reality. Ref: Disclosure 2012 information, amplifiying the sentient ambience of the intelligence in the quantum foam, our source mind.)

Footnotes, etc.:

"Nucleo-sonic" refers to the time-constant in EM reactance modeled by Frank Znidarsic in 'The Control of the Natural Forces.' I.e., Newton's ignorance is the source of Planck's constant, a mathematical artifact produced universally when not modeled on a basis of time. <--- the analysis of a data-log will search for a virtual particle that amplifies [Disclosure indicates a skyrmionic magnon at eight-feet diameter, as a dissipative resonance powered by 30 kilowatts of RF-frequency current pulses]. Early designs are under 1/2 kilowatt, as a signal sniffer of the chimera in the toroidal dynamics.

"Mind is a dimple in time." DonEM, circa new Millennium

~~slowing down atoms: Those atoms associated with mediation of a magnetic field that are simultaneously associated with the organizational-strain of a vector-boson-system are anticipated to blur the spectral envelope of the resonant system. Distributed-plausiblity-sampling affords a deep-time harmonic controller (and digital delay lines, etc.)

psiFi is technoShamanic documentation

of real science far too alien for mortal simians of said 'new' Millennium of the same old humanity.

Reality Fiction

is the plan that humans would recall as only a dream, while trans-dimensional excursions are rejected by the human reality, even by the mind of the one experiencing a Reality pervading sentience.

Reality Fiction is about something constructable that will change a human experience in the construction of it <---requiring an alien metaview that begins a human mental-reaction at the attempt to understand a wholly non-human perspective.

Reality Fiction is the conjecture-of-test of personal mind-theory. We clearly infect each-the-other with mental theory, and Reality Fiction has a slow incubation in one's human entanglements, with profoundly Spirited recollectives.

Reality Fiction is only suggested as consideration by those of hope to altogether transform into a new Reality told to be coming to our day. It's a bit alien, as it came from a simian not of the mix.