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Warp techs r us
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Hi ------, (disclosure info on warp device follows)

Glad to find your page. Hadn't seen the NASA warp news --thank you.

Greg Hodowanec had interesting notice that the noise-floor of a charged capacitor (amplified with a simple op-amp) wandered with periodicities that could indicate a star-core collapsing. He also noticed the rotation of the solar core, and effects aligned with the galactic center.

I have only found any reference to Hodowanec at The folder with Greg Hodowanec has a broken index, and the whole web folder may needed mirrored to a local folder to explore. (Or I can help.)

I'm just an amateur, retired programmer gone wild.

But then, what about the Aharonov-Bohm effect working on phase-shifting light.

I would not call a bar magnet that causes fringe shift when between double-slits a warp drive.

Would not Schlerein optics show that phase shift in real-time, also? And would not antique interference split-laser-beam photo-plate holography capture the wavefront of the shift?

I make ---- ---- a bit uneasy with my disclosure info. I've worked with ---- doing illustrations. If you are of a liberated curiosity (without a religious glass ceiling on sense), then I'd be happy to share the (whole) story. It is about the man that built the looking glass (scalar radio, and much more) that shared details on building it. He fessed-up during a window of opportunity caused by a massive cerebral stoke at age 47. Months after recovery, last May, with a brain shunt, he telephoned me, and wanted to tell-all. He fell back into paranoia and stopped communicating after a week of recorded interviews, during my ten-day visit with his Sister and family at her home where he convalesced.

He wants me to duplicate the looking glass, and shared details needed.

The physics is based on variable vacuum impedance on a gradient toward center of an oscillating magnetic field biased above neutral (oscillating potential of flux without crossing neutral flux to the opposite polarity) --bucking magnetic fields chaotically pulsing around a dozen megaHertz in his 1st device.

The conditions of oscillation are enticed to collapse in a conjugal knot that depends upon an oscillating monopole charge at the center to begin the structured space.

He said they called it a condensate. The first time they just turned off the machine with a switch, click, and the 8-foot virtual particle, which had developed a skin of ionized air (he said the glow was Bose novae), this "particle's" entire condensate form fell through the machine on a wooden platform and ruptured into sizzling sparks in all directions. He said that the sudden disappearance of the giant magnon could be sensed as a "mental-wave."

A flux-vortice pair as a magnon was scanned last summer in a nano-tech lab, with a neuton beam, to find it was organized about a monopole signature at the center (2013). 2013 Also reported monopole molecular grouping created by tetrahedral molecules that were coerced by proximal magnetic potential density to flip just one of the tetrahedral corners. These 2013 monopoles are virtual particles within the molecular lattice. I realize we are talking nano-scale to warehouse-scale (universities duplicating in 2013 in nanotech the giant macro-skyrmion in the 1980s). A nano-tech enticer at the torus plane is the pinch-bar that implodes the cavern (on every cycle of scalar, spherical, concussive oscillation concentric with the torus center).

The first enticer hosted a monopole on a sub-millimeter dot of liquid resin captured within a lead/tin (solder) torus knot fluorette with a lead sphere center (with the liquid dielectric center). Lead-coated cables structured from ten encircling steel posts in concrete, were stretched taught to form an outer icosahedral lead reflector chamber concentric with the 1/4" lead/tin fluorette.

The better term is then a skyrmion... the condensate that fills a warp in the flatness of the vacuum impedance. There are easier ways. The first version was followed by 19 more versions. Later versions he described was the device I saw in a vision 40 years back. I am only well-informed on the first device, sketchy on others, up to the mental-interface to the universe model called the looking glass project online (of no certain accuracy).

I'm not spilling too much info on this compared to the knowledge of the situation he explained. To share more would convince you I am insane, especially if you are severely engaged to religious memetics.

Or, are you well steeped in this concept basin already?

Do I believe this guy? Can I swallow that there may be alien-psi technology in use, directly interfacing mind. Not only that.

However, when he shared with me what he built... he described a device that I had built in a vision while meditating at age 19, forty years ago. So, whether I believe or not, I am rather hooked. I'm playing this through.

Are you a player?

My first attempt to 'go there' is through a logic-ring oscillator, operating as digital signals only, with the inherent noise (timing edge-jitter) hopefully exposing an influence by a determinance not involved with conventional EM. (Spectral randomness should show an absorption by the BEC quality of the conductor atoms, a shadow, not an instance).

This device is anticipated to be 'black-helicopter-safe' as it does not create a 'warp signature' (wow! old treky uses 'warp' in real a real-world instance!) The device is a sniffer, if the digital circuitry gets built for a real-time categorical analysis --not unlike noise-cancellation technology. The analysis savvy comes by the Russian Quasi Axiomatic Theory (QAT), a category-theory comp sci learned from ---- -. -------, Ph.D, while we worked in 2000-2001 on a DARPA competition. The sniffer will have algorthimic emergent processes only practiced by the CIA (domestic spy agency capers), sourced from the Russian intelligence, which dispersed without paychecks during Glasnost. ------- hosted one of the Russian 'Info Wars' scientist for a month in Chantilly, Virginia.

We need to couple with the nuclear phonon. But as Frank Znidarsic points out, that's just rank heresy, as he personally discovered per his paper, "Control of the Natural forces". Google that to find me at, my wiki of mind-noise toward this perceptual harmony. I'm starting notes on construction at And I'm going as fast as my brain/psyche allows, but it is a learning curve of unfamiliar skills for this retired programmer (age 59).

Then consider Evgeny Podkletnov, Tampere Uni., Finland. Is not it odd his gravity beam is ignored by the mainstream? (Well, NASA threw Dr. Li that way, then she disappeared into a proprietary startup company at the same time the Bush admin was looking for dialable-yield quantum bomb --and the Breakthrough Propulsion Project at NASA yawned and went to sleep.)


AZdon DonEMitchell

928-....-.... land line 928-...-.... Verizon Don aght ShoestringScience doght coghm

(Grocery budget spare-change to the stars!!! [mocking the silliness this compulsion portrays in the mainstream scientist's wagging head])

Please be ready to realize that my Mom didn't have any dumb kids, and that I applied my out-of-the-mold-head to learn this in spite of what humans say, and that I am therefore of a private and deep vernacular. Please forbear the reality-apparent of this agenda.


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