Warp Theory 101 - November 2012

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On 11/3/2012 11:33 PM, A friend wrote:

> The superconductor may not have much to do with the effect other than providing a really good conductor which somehow focuses the beam.

Yes, Dr. Podkletnov agrees.


Under the 1st video I've listed the time into the video for places I found where Eugene mentions the same thing as you have, [friend].

I've no idea why the beam is straight, other than a real effect in some partial-principle (geometrically) that enables photons to travel in straight lines.

A point-centered instance of the same anomaly would create a dimple in the local gravity well, rather than a beam, I'm speculating.

Toroids define a point center as a dipole dynamic, with a top and bottom symmetry that is of two varieties, left and right handed.

The path (topology) described by the angular torsion at various sampling places along the axis describes two vortices above and below the torus hole, meeting at the point-center. The topology describes stored potential as the vector-space of a torsion-pinch on space-time resonance (the whole toroidal stuff of point centered "particles").

The spin-torsion is a resultant that is explained by the Lorentz force, but this is really out there in mathville where I can't visit --though geometric illustrations say a lot.

But in general, the "dual time vortices" necessary, per Wilbert Smith (Canada, circa the 50s) for the UFOs observed by the Canadian military, are necessary for the antigravity-effect (per se) providing buoyancy in a gravity well (levitation).

Per the dual-vortex topology, the stored strain is a potential capture of an inertial response to an EM event recorded by the nature of the magneto-toroidal instance.

The lack of net-inertial response by any common toroid that may produce such dual-pinch as torsion stored as field-strain, is explained by the net-vector of the dual vortices inertial-vectors, which nullify (the direction the event would travel if the strain produced motion).

Wilbert Smith spoke to a Vancouver audience, saying:

The other item that I’m rather proud of resulted from a series of questions that we asked regarding accidental destruction or damage to our aircraft by flying into the vicinity of a flying saucer. We were informed that although a few of our aircraft had come to an unfortunate end by what they considered the colossal stupidity of our pilots for flying into a region where the aircraft was bound to get into trouble, they said that they are now taking corrective measures, and whenever they see one of our aircraft about to commit suicide, they just get out of the way and give him a wide berth. I asked them what happened, and they said, well, the fields around the saucers, in order to hold them up, in order to produce the gravity differential, the time field differentials, which were necessary to operate the ships, these sometimes produced field combinations which reduced the strength of materials to the point where they were no longer strong enough to carry the loads that the materials were expected to carry. Now as we know, aircraft, particularly the military type aircraft, are built with a rather small factor of safety, and if they fly into a region of reduced binding, the materials are no longer strong enough to carry the load and the craft simply comes apart.http://www.treurniet.ca/Smith/FullVancouverSpeech.htm paragraph 12

Assuming the overall torsion field of net-zero inertial-moment is spheroidal in general, nesting the source-toroid with its dual vortices inner pinch and outer field expanding toward spherical, then to produce non-zero net-inertia, the overall field structure would need to be de-symmetrized more toward an oval, an egg. Spherical instance would be a dead mass with no net inertial force.

An ovalized instance of the torsion field will exhibit, in principle, a net-inertial force on a vector associated with the torus center axis. I call this my warp theory 101, but this explanation is more progressed in diction than my early urgency to describe it... Warp_Theory_101