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US6784591Gravitational wave generator utilizing submicroscopic energizable elements

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Gravitational wave generator utilizing submicroscopic energizable elements

Robert M. L. Baker, Jr.
Patent number: 6784591
Filing date: Dec 27, 2000
Issue date: Aug 31, 2004
Application number: 09/752,975


A gravitational wave generating device comprising an energizing means which act upon energizable elements such as molecules, atoms, nuclei or nuclear particles in order to create nuclear reactions or collisions, the products of which can move in a single preferred direction with an attendant impulse (jerk or harmonic oscillation) of an ensemble of target nuclei or other energizable elements over a very brief time period. The target nuclei or energizable elements acting in concert generate a gravitational wave. A preferred embodiment involves the use of a pulsed particle beam moving at the local gravitational wave speed in a target mass, which is comprised of target nuclei, to trigger a nuclear reaction and build up a coherent gravitational wave as the particles of the beam move through the target mass and impact target nuclei over very short time spans. An information-processing device connected to a computer, controls the particle beam's high-frequency, (GHz to THz) pulse rate and the number of particles in each bunch comprising the pulse in order to produce modulated gravitational waves that can carry information. A gravitational wave generation device that exhibits directivity. A gravitational wave detection device that exhibits directivity and can be tuned. The utilization of a medium in which the gravitational wave speed is reduced in order to effect refraction of the gravitational wave.

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