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Time Lens
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Prelude to the category of a Reality-alive on the fabric of time

While covering many things, at portal articles, by your out-there-ness truly, Time Lens more commonly is used to represent a reality where normal 'now' is 'bent' in a consistency-over-volumetric space, the reactionary-coupling of electromagnetic events, a.k.a., space-timing.

The real sense of Reality Fiction

And as a more specific sense, a pragmatic, real, in-design sense, the manifestation of a 'time lens' within a harmonic 3D magnetic resonance (saucer tech, in line with the intuitions of Wilbert Smith (Project Magnet, Canadian DOT, circa 1950s).

If balls could talk

In as much as one cannot separate charge and magnetism from effects in events over time, one may find separation of space and time difficult. That's the crystal ball talking again.

Toroidal compression a81.png
Spheres coupling 320x240.png
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