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Secret of the Snake

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Secret of the Snake: Kepler and the Nine


Posted 16 August 2006 - 04:37 PM

Did you know that Kepler's mom was prosecuted as a witch, that Kepler murdered Tycho Brahe, his mentor, and that Kepler was surrounded by Rosicrucians obsessed with the secret meaning of 666? As 2:3 the number 666 is at the center of the Pythagorean Tetrad and creates a free energy vortex through the full-lotus pyramid power.


by Drew Hempel, M.A.

My argument is that the conspiratorial nature of science is exposed if we understand the centrality of music as the pivot point between emotions and math. This special role of music has been the topic of analysis before, specifically the books of NY Times critic Edward Rothstein: Visions of Utopia (2004) and Emblems of Mind: The inner life of mathematics and music (1996). In contrast to Rothstein, my focus is on global music as a transcultural phenomenon that traditionally has been a unifying principle of harmony. Western natural science limited global music into a method of axiomatic deduction based on technological imperialism.

This transcultural analysis has been similarly formulated by music professor Ernest McClain and then by a related scholar, philosophy of science professor Oliver L. Reiser. The concept of the "music logarithmic spiral" by Reiser became the centrol foundation for the World Institute, supported by the CIA mind control scientist Dr. Andrija Puharich, the L.B.J. administration, the U.N., and a slew of theosophist professors. One prominent early scholar in the group was Jose Arguelles, who started as a Princeton professor publishing in the theosophist journal, Main Currents in Modern Thought, and then went on to launch the 1980s New Age movement based on the Harmonic Convergence.

The goal of this music-derived techno-spiritual agenda, also called "the applied supersting theory," is total transformation of Earth into a transdimensional holograph integrated with the solar system. Humans would not only be protected from comets but would in effect be immortal and free to travel the universe. It's difficult for people to accept this information as real hard science directives that drives research but the think thanks tell otherwise. Los Alamos, Sandia Labs and the Sante Fe Institute are among the top science resarch labs in the U.S. and also ascribe to this techno-spiritual agenda, as discussed in John Casti's recent book 'One True Platonic Heaven" and George Johnson's recent book "Fire in the Mind."

Most people end up buying into this techno-spiritual agenda which is really rooted in Freemasonry, as detailed in professor David F. Noble's book "The Religion of Technology." The modern engineering institutions were set up with the goals of Freemasons in mind and driven by leading Freemasons. Noble writes “If the Freemasons were among the earliest advocates of industrialization, perhaps their most lasting and important, and heretofore unexamined, role was as midwives in the birth of the latest incarnation of spiritual men, the engineer. For engineering emerged as much out of Masonry as it did out the military (indeed, the military itself was rife with Masonry).” Historian David F. Noble, former M.I.T. professor and Smithsonian curator, reveals that modern corporate-state science is driven by the concealed religious aim of recreating God’s dominion over the earth and reviving mankind’s original image-likeness to God. Noble traces the deeply troublesome origin of modern science and technology policy to the ninth-century Benedictine monks under the Carolingian Empire, as directed by court philosopher John Scotus Erigena.

Under Erigena, for the first time in western history “the mechanical arts” were lead by a materialistic millenarianism. As Noble records, according to the new view of the imperial controllers, "It was precisely power over nature [that] Adam had lost by original sin." With this in mind, Man was envisioned as the universal co-creator with God, and as Noble points out, according to the elite planners: An exclusive “saintly existence” and a “new race of men” will follow the necessary and divine cleansing of Armageddon via the “redemptive powers of technology.”

Noble describes how the final secularization of these scientific “spiritual men” occurred in the development of elite engineering institutions through the Freemasons and their offspring of positivism. Karl Marx even became a great proponent of the Freemasonic “Edenic respites from labor.” Space flight, nuclear weapons production, computer-based artificial life and genetic engineering are documented by Noble to be destructive symptoms of a mad goal to create the second perfect Adam. The "scientific saints” renounce responsibility for enacting escalation toward their self-fulfilling global end-times.

The real question is what are the means by which Freemasonic music-derived techno-spiritualism operates today as the defining controlling factor for humanity. The answer lies in the definition of today's most cutting-edge discipline -- "self-organized criticality." As stated in the book "Frontiers of Complexity": The theory of self-organized criticality predicts that the energy released varies with the inverse of the frequency of that event. This principle simply states that the more powerful an event is then the less frequent it will happen but the distribution is based on Pareto's power law, commonly called the 80-20 model or also "the 1/f noise" model. For Pareto the 80-20 power law was applied to economics whereby 20% of the population controls 80% of the wealth and 80% of the population controls 20% of the wealth.

But this self-organized criticality is not limited in length and time scales and "two events are equally likely to act together, whether or not they occur close to each other in space and irrespective of how much time has elapsed between their individual occurrence." Self-organized criticality is beyond spacetime and energy-mass which leaves only form as the defining trait for music-derived natural science -- "the secret of the snake."

This critical "resonance form" issue of quantum chaos fractals is what brings us back to music as the controlling model for science, starting with the mystic shamanic Pythagoreans. Pythagoras means "man of the snake" and this signifies the sine-wave form of music that creates all resonance. Science is based on deviations of the sine-wave, as Henri Poincare emphasized in his book "Science and Hypothesis." The Law of Pythagoras defines the resonance of the sine-wave so that the wavelength amplitude decreases by natural number increases in frequency, the same definition as self-organized criticality. So the interval of the fourth is three-fourths of a string length, the interval of a fifth is two-thirds and the octave is one-half. This cycle, called the Pythagorean Tetrad, of the ratios 1:2:3:4 (4 to 1 instead of 80 to 20) is an infinite spiral. The Tetrad is just a transcultural representation of the Tai Chi symbol, as well as the Ouroborus, the snake eating its own tail, a Freemasonic "chaos out of order," symbol found world-wide.

Several recent studies have determined that the sine-wave is the key factor for quantum chaos science, another term for applied superstring theory. Nobel physicist Brian Josephson, whose claim to fame is a macro-quantum chaos device, has recently published online essays on how music is the key to science. See for example "Music and Mind -- a Theory of Aesthetic Dynamics: On Self-Organization" (Springer series in Synergetics Vol. 61, 1994) Heidelberg: Springer, 280-7. Autoionization, a new technique that enables previously forbidden transistions in quantum mechanics, thereby violating the Pauli exclusion principle, enacts alchemy through resonance of the sine-wave. Adaptive Resonance Theory, a sine-wave meta-algorithm based out of cognitive science, is now used for neural network robotics in dozens of different industries. Similarly, "the spectrum" concept in A.I. software utilizes the law of Pythagoras to incorporate emotions into computers that learn to adapt. In his book The Muse in the Machine (1994) Yale computer science professor David Gelernter, victim of the Unabomber, discusses the “Zombie” illusion behind humans’ amazing capability to “tune” their brains for the sense of I-awareness. Under "the spectrum" logical syntax is high frequency, low amplitude resonance while strong emotions are low frequency, high amplitude resonance. So the home-tone in music has more power, strong emotion of resolution, while the less powerful tension occurs in the higher frequency, lower wave-length tones.

Professor Brian Goodwin in his book Temporal Organization in Cells (1963) discovered the secret of the snake: "the subharmonic oscillation always shows a considerable increase in amplitude over that of the fundamental oscillators so that a very appreciable amplification can occur." This is called "self-sustainability" in nonlinear quantum chaos science and Goodwin's principle is the key to pioneering digital biology research recently launched at M.I.T. The 1/0 operators are based on the on/off expression of genes that in turn act as 2:3:4 resonating transducers. Dr. James Narby also expressed this Tetrad concept as a resonance bridge across the transcultural divide in his book The Cosmic Serpent.

Goodwin relies on modeling the sine-wave as the Freemasonic Golden Ratio fractal. The Golden Ratio subdivides as a continuous fraction of 1 plus (1 divided by 1) plus 1 .... which logically is the I-thought derived from axiomatic reasoning. Consider that the formal definition of God, "I Am that I Am" is really 1:2:3:4 with "Am" being also "Aum" and "Amen." The Gothic cathedrals that are the foundation of Freemasonry are constructed based on the Golden Ratio, as detailed by professor Arnold Pacey in his classic book The Maze of Ingenuity, 1974, reprinted by M.I.T. Press, 1992. In early Greek science the Golden Ratio was expressed as "A is to B as B is to A plus B." So in music the Golden Ratio is "1 is to 2 as 2 is to 3." The crucial difference between transcultural resonance in music and western science is that there is no "equi-partition principle" in global music. Number is inherently asymmetric in transcultural music with symmetric or harmonic results for Nature while in western science Number is symmetric and the results of experiments are asymmetric for promoting imperialism.

Proof for the Golden Ratio as imperialism has been recently documented. The article, "The nonlinear and scaled growth of the Ottoman and Roman Empires" by G. Gunduz in The Journal of Mathematical Sociology, 26 (3), 2002 provides the evidence: “In nature, bacteria exhibit S-shaped growth patterns, and the growth rate obeys the so-called Verhulst equation that can lead to chaotic growth depending on the magnitude of the growth factor…..When the sum of the areas of lands and seas is used, one still gets a similar S-shaped curve. ..This biological phenomena turns out to be true for both the Ottoman and Roman empires. That is, the growth goes slowly at the beginning before sufficient accumulation is achieved…." Growth then declines in acceleration—hence the nonlinear function which overall fits the “self-organized criticality” of the Golden Ratio. Why?

“The faster the convergence, the faster the stability is achieved. In a special case, the golden ratio is obtained as one of the most slowly convergent infinite sequences of rationals. This is seen from its continued fraction expansion, where [Phi = 1 + (1 divided by 1 plus 1)....].”

In axiomatic math it's assumed that phonetic, logical symbols are "equi-partitioned" based on Number being symmetric -- this is the secret of Freemasonic gematria. Again "A is to B as B is to A plus B" applies to symmetric numbers with equal values between 1, 2, 3, 4, etc. In music the interval between the logical symbol G to C is 3:4 while the interval between the logical symbol C to G is 2:3. Same letters, same interval, but as an inversion. So while "1 is to 2 as 2 is to 3" works for symmetric Number based on phonetic logic, in music theory "1 is to 2 as 3 is to 4" is also the same logical symbols as "A is to B as B is to A plus B" even though this violates "the exclusion of the middle" logic of Aristotle. Natural resonance, through sine-wave form, creates free energy from consciousness beyond spacetime. In quantum mechanics this same resonance paradox of logic was discovered as the "non-commutative principle" for quantum logic.

The book Triangle of Thoughts (2000) by top French quantum chaos mathematicians Alain Connes, Andrew Lichnerowicz and Marcel Paul Schutzenberger (M.P.S.) ends with a promotion of music theory as the secret key to solving humanity’s problems. The argument by Alain Connes is that music transmitted aurally is currently in the same stage as when people read out loud—as they did until the 12th Century A.D. Connes states that if people could, as conductor Solti did, read music scores and hear multiple texts in their head "that is inscribed in a time that would no longer be sequential, because a score is a multitude of chords, a tangle projected onto physical time of course, but that manifestly evolves in an higher dimensional space, giving rise to a variability much more pertinent to the description of individual time." Alain Connes continues “And it could be formalized by music. ...I think we might succeed in this way to educate the human mind to deal with polyphonic situations in which several voices coexist, in which several states coexist, whereas our ordinary logical allows room for only one. Finally, we come back to the problem of adaptation, which has to be resolved in order for us to understand quantum correlation and interrelation which we discussed earlier, and which are fundamentally schizoid in nature. It is clear that logic will evolve in parallel with the development of quantum computers, just as it evolved with computer science. That will no doubt enable us to cross new borders and to better integrate the mathematical formalism of the quantum world into our metaphysical system.” The same “Quantum Triangle” is analyzed by quantum chaos scientists Ian Stewart and Jack Cohen’s book, Fearful Symmetry wherein Murray Gell-Mann’s Hadron QCD depends on symmetrical rotation of protons, neutrons and many more exotic particles. The rotation occurs literally through the equilateral Pythagorean Tetrad based on the imaginary number graph. The secret of the snake is that the Tetrad form "appears" to be equilateral but is really asymmetric Number resonating as two Pythagorean 3:4:5 triangles from beyond spacetime.

The "equi-partition principle" was found to be first violated in the black box photon experiments, leading to Schrodinger's psi-wave equations based on de Broglie's faster-than-light sine-wave called "the pilot wave." Of course Telsa figured out this secret of the snake as the defining concept of his harmonic oscillator that he claimed could crack the Earth in two! Victor Schauberger also utilized only natural number resonance for his vortex generator based on "cycloid-spiral space-curve motion" whereby suction plus pressure equals reduction of resistance. Nick Redfern, author of Body-snatchers in the Desert, corresponded with me about the validity of Nick Cook's claims that Schauberger's research lead to U.F.O. designed aircraft. Redfern confirmed that British documents show the continued use of esoteric German research. Indeed in the summer of 1997, I had a very close encounter with an "autoionized" equilateral Pythagorean big black triangle. The new book "The God Theory" by the editor of the academic journal of Scientific Exploration notes that Einstein's theory for stimulated emission in lasers now depends on stimulated emission from the zero-point energy field -- nonrandom results from beyond spacetime.

Arthur Young, designer of the Bell helicopter and occult technology researcher also rediscovered the Law of Pythagoras by re-examining the i-1 grid of Gauss. "The cube roots of one are the points that divide the circle into three equal parts....But these roots can be expressed in terms of square roots," Young states in his book Mathematics, Physics and Reality. So the square root of three (really the Pythagorean ratio 4:5) in an equilateral triangle forces, through resonance, a higher dimension of volume, creating the illusion of a 3-D holographic matrix. John Wheeler, one of the H-bomb engineers, makes the same claim: "It is marvelous that such simple Pythagorean geometry can display rules even of black hole dynamics," Wheeler states in his 2000 book Geons, Black Holes and Quantum Foam.

Kepler made this Pythagorean secret the center of his research, as did Newton. When Francis Bacon studied the secrets of the octave he declared: "The Cause is Dark." The equi-partition of the sine-wave as the "music logarithmic spiral" created "the devil's interval" whereby the major interval 8:9 cubed approximates the square root of two, thereby connection the Pythagorean Theorem with the Law of Pythagoras. 8:9 cubed also equals the Tritone -- the most dissonant interval in the major scale which also bisects the scale. Known historically as the "Devil's Interval," the Tritone as 8:9 cubed comes from 2:3 cubed cubed as the 666 principle of the Freemasonic secret of the snake. "In the Harmonice Mundi he [Kepler] reinforces the belief that the Golden Section [or Ratio] is the archetype of generation," states the book Studies in the Musical Science in the Late Renaissance from the Warburg Institute.

It's commonly supposed that the Bournelli brothers disproved the law of Pythagoras when logarithmic-based statistics was created but Newton knew better. Newton, an alchemist, realized that the overtones of sound transmute themselves into other types of energy, in contrast to what Galileo claimed. This was recently rediscovered in the article "Newton and the Pipes of Pan" from Notes and Records of the Royal Society of London, 1966. Mario Livio in his definitive book The Golden Ratio makes the crucial mistake of not including music analysis with the connection to the Pythagorean Theorem. So Livio reiterates Kepler's backing of the natural number-based Golden Ratio but then Livio claims that there is a hidden unit of number underneath the hypotenuse of the natural number golden rectangle! This implies a fourth dimension of space as consciousness, which is indeed the answer to how the Golden Ratio works -- through resonance beyond spacetime. Dr. Peter Plichta has figured out this 4th dimensional secret based on the Tetrad natural number resonance. Livio argues that the studies of the Egyptian pyramids prove definitely that there was no use of the Golden Ratio but Livio does not consider that the Egyptian definition for area of a circle used the Law of Pythagoras natural resonance with 8d divided by 9 based on the major tone interval.

Marsilio Ficino, funded by the Medici Dynasty, was the most prominent restorer of the secret of the snake. As discussed in "Ficino, Daemon Mathematics and the Spirit" by professor Michael J.B. Allen, in the book Natural Particulars (M.I.T. Press,1999), Plato's cosmology is derived from the fact that the music ratio 5:4, the major third, approximates the square root of three, modeled by the equilateral triangle. “Ficino clearly rejoiced in some at least of the figural extensions (with the puns this terms implied) of the Pythagorean mathematics that Timaeus is propounding here. For his own Timeaus commentary explores the implications and arrives at an interpretation that identified the Soul itself as the examplary triangle, its triple powers corresponding to the three angles and three sides of the archetypal geometric figure.” Allen emphasizes the structural nature of this Freemasonic control: “the notion of roots and powers—that is, of self-divison and self-multiplication—suggests that daemonic agency is ever present in the realm of mathematics.” Allen concludes: “An awareness of this mathematical Platonism (dominated by geometrical ratios) is surely called for if we are ever to establish with confidence the valencies governing early modern science, its artful exploration of Browne’s ‘things artificial.’”

For Kepler the equilateral triangle circumscribing and inscribing two circles was the secret key to modern science. The equilateral triangle is composed of two Pythagorean 3:4:5 triangles and the 4:5 resonance ratio of Saturn and Jupiter were considered to be the foundation for cosmic space-time. In mythology Jupiter is space and Saturn is time (the first planets) and in quantum chaos the 4:5 resonance allows comets and asteriods to periodically destroy all life on earth -- life dependent on the 3-D holographic spacetime matrix. Buckyfullerenes are built of equilateral triangles and are the cutting edge technique essential to nanotechnology, considered the next great industrial revolution after steam and electricity. Nanotech is getting the full support of the Bush administration. Buckyfullerenes are not found naturally on Earth, except, as some scientists argue, right before the comet, ushered in by the 4:5 resonance of Saturn and Jupiter, destroyed 90% of life 280 million years ago. Saturn is Kronos as time and Chronos as consciousness beyond time, just as Kala is time in Vedic cosmology and Kali is consciousness beyond time.

Jupiter protects us from comets but quantum chaos cosmology has proven, in the article “Chaotic Heavens: Can mysterious wobbles in Jupiter and Saturn’s orbits spell doom for life on Earth?” of the Feb. 28th, 2004 issue of the magazine New Scientist that the ratio of 2:5 causes asteroids and comets to destroy all life on Earth. Since this is “Order Out of Chaos” it is cyclical (just read Rene Guenon’s anti-Freemason science book The Reign of Quantity) and will happen again but the precise time can not be known.

What gets left out of this cosmology analysis is that the Saturn-Jupiter ratio 4:5 comes from the secret Freemasonic equilateral 3:4:5 ratio for humanistic science that Marsilio Ficino discovered in Plato’s Pythagorean-based cosmological Timaeus. The Solar Dynasty Freemasonic Pyramid Power depends on a four-sided tetrahedral triangle with each side composed of two 3:4:5 triangles -- the same structure of Lunar-controlled “free-energy” water molecules as documented in the Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society of London by physics professor J.L. Finney in his article "What’s So Special about water?” (2004).

Once “infinity is contained” by Freemasonic equi-partitioned “squaring of the circle” Solar geometry philosophy, proven by UC-Berkely math professor Abraham Seidenberg to have an ancient ritual sacrifice history back to 3,000 B.C.E., then a logarithmic, equal-tempered music scale can develop -- first created by Archytas for catapults and promoted in Plato’s Timaeus. A Pythagorean analytic geometry model was developed by Galileo for cannons. Galileo was funded by the Medici Dynasty because he argued, as Pacey documents, that his technology would cut down on labor costs. But the equi-partitioned ratios of western science are in dissonance with the Lunar-water free-energy natural resonance.

Drew Hempel, M.A.