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Prater on Bloch walls

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from: cavetronics
Document recovered from old email by DEM. 10:02, 30 August 2013 (MDT)

Prater's quote from an unidentified patent

Abstract method and means for altering the intensity of a magnetic field by transposing flux from one location to the location desired

fro the magnetic field are examined.The device described includes a pair of communicating cavities formed in a block of Fe material, is dimensioned to be insertable into one of the cavities and to substantially fill the cavity. Magnetic flux is first trapped in the cavities by establishing a magnetic field while the Fe material is above the critical magnetic flux at which it goes over-conducting with block and neel wall compress phase fields (the gateway of transforming magnetic flux from north to south flux). Thereafter, the flux of the material is traped at the critical value, and then the exciting magnetic field may be removed. By varying the ratios of the areas of the two cavities, it is possible to produce a field having much greater flux density in the second, smaller cavity, into which the flux transposed. bringing in energy from the flux being transposed from extra-spatal cavities of magnetic fields from the outside of the avalanche effect "collapse action" This phase shift results from the fact that although the magnetic field is zero in the space accessible to the particle, the associated vector potential is not. The phase shift depends on the flux enclosed by the two alternative sets of paths a and b. But the overall envelope of the diffraction pattern is not displaced indicating that no classical magnetic force acts on the particles. The Aharonov-Bohm effectdemonstrates that the electromagnetic potentials, rather than the electric and magnetic fields, are the fundamental quantities in quantum mechanics.We study theoretically the exciton absorption on a ring threaded by a magnetic flux. For the case when the attraction between electron and hole is short-ranged we get an exact solution of the problem. We demonstrate that, despite the electrical neutrality of the exciton, both the spectral position of the exciton peak in the absorption, and the corresponding oscillator strength oscillate with magnetic flux with a period Phi [Φ = 1.61803…]

Prater's remarks

—the universal flux quantum. The origin of the effect is the finite They are shifted at the "bloch wall Or neil wall out of phase" apart from each other making a small but bigger "holes or gaps" in the middle of the magnet and going to the out sides, many bloch walls are now holding each other at a close but away at the same time magnetic effect. kinda like shifting the magnetics in a fine line "adding holes" or space, the magnets have a "skin" on them that get transformed or remade.We have in this, the possibility of changing the "natural" topology of the electrical field in space, in these kinds of situations. For example, by means of creating an asymmetrical phase shift in the magnetics of a dielectrical member in the capacitor, which shall result in an asymmetrical distribution in the magnetic gradient feild as well as in space of the electric field gradient. This allows us the ability to alter the "natural" electrical gradient in space and magnetic properties which is created by the various properties of space, itself. This alteration of the natural properties of the space in terms of the electrical/magnetic gradients, may be useful as a propulsion method.

Brian Prater

Cavetronics P&M (KDL)magnetics
R&D labs


Interpreting Brian Prater

…Is not an easy thing to do. His family has never understood Cavey, as he was nic-named as partner in a home-town electronics repair shop. None of his family believes that Brian worked at Area 51 in Nevada (circa after the June 2013 disclosure project).

Original recovered document from the missing online KMTech archive