Plausibility: Control of the effect of Gravity in two sentences (theory and method)

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Phrase-sensitive: a physics term borrowed from that I thought I heard Stan Deyo mention on his copyright material about the 30-ton iron toroid. This refers to a grammatical determinism within a pulse sequence. Parametric deviations across a pulse sequence are the leverage of intent.

Phrase-sensitive as a term in this project context to refer to the hyperbolic-ramp created across dissonant sinusoidal signals.

A hyperbolic impulse is non-sinusoidal, with a-temporal frequency harmonics. Higher-harmonics crowd the front of a hyperbolic impulse. One hyperbolic pulse signature (over time) is of the proper harmonics to cause a straight line on the power-curve per harmonic energy spectra, while that line is the golden ratio, Phi (φ = 1.618034...)

In context of charge collapse, a hyperbolically pulse-width modulated pulse sequence, would be a phrase. A second phrase would be a reverse sequence of the same, causing a reverse effect. Various pulse-phrases may serve various cause-effect outcomes within phrase-sensitive systems. —DEM

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