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Path of the Quantum Transition

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Ponderments of an amateur scientist

Frank Znidarsic's theory The Control of the Natural Forces has amazed me (Admin) for about a decade. This page is a rambling narrative about strange things that Mr. Z's theory does to my personal delusions I label as psiFi.

Frank Znidarsic's theory is real, non-fiction. The work on this wiki about nucleosonic devices tuned to the Universe throughout the category of psiFi and Nucleosonic psiFi is fiction.


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Path of the Quantum Transition
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Nucleosonic psiFi


13pack_expanding_four_disks_of_six.gif Fig. 1. Morphology of scale by one degree of Phi (1.618) the Golden Ratio.


Retro note:

This article is updated by several in the category, Nucleosonic PsiFi (PSIence fiction).

This topic will expand on Znidarsic's theory, and the sonic model of the nucleus.

The path of balance is the hyperbolic golden spiral in 3D (a poloidal spin harmonic with a toroidal spin) as an equiangular surface of compression of a spherical or planar gradient external ΔV; converted to an internal ΔOmega, or spin. The spins are experienced as a modulation along the path commonly represented by lines of magnetic force, and the equiangular relationship finds the Lenz image of electricity a chiral mirror of the Lenz-reflection image of ΔE (magnetism), in relation to the axis into increasing compression/rarefaction of the volume space of the motions.

It is the harmony of two spin moments, finding dual compressing spirals into a dipole magnetic field created by their own dance, complete the wave-group harmony by balancing compression against compression, as anti-vectors, both pointing to the center of the magnetic double-electromagnetic tornado. Acceleration inward in one magnetic polarity is balanced by acceleration outward in a different polarity, balancing one polar region induced force against the other, and capturing within the strain-pair angular momenta the energy required to maintain compression of both the spirals kinetics against the space-time strain of acceleration by electromagnetic compression.

The proclivity of electromagnetism is then to convert increase in a dielectric gradient into a spin-unit pair contributing a unit of mass.

However, it is not a simple threshold crossing of dielectric strain that prompts the capture of a spin-moment through EM kinematics over volume space. The capture is afforded by the wave-shape. Higher harmonics upon a impulse, if trailing in hyperbolically diminishing "chirps" will self-absorb by canceling the back-EMF of the leading edge energy against the trailing edge attenuation. The ideal equi-angular absorbable pulse wave-shape is a hyperbolic pulse consisting of harmonic series of as a function of the Golden Ratio (1.618~).

Retro note: The Golden Error Phase Wave compensation toroidal integer-spin-harmonics is ventured as viable experimental focus. 07:54, 4 November 2010 (MDT)

Symbolic analog of compression of voltage potential

The animated image of Fig. 1 represents a concept of 12 pentagonal faces collapsing onto a cube of six faces.

The crystal cube of Fig. 2 is a representation of the outer dodecahedron refracting its own inner surface. The inner cube is a reflection of the inner surface and will vary significantly in apparent volume with the index of refraction of the dodeca volume. Notice some frames show a second more ghosted cube outside the dark cube.

Maxwellian handles

A control structure is illustrated in Fig. 1 as four disks that remain in fixed relative angles. Each disk intersects half of the outer spheres in a 13 pack of 12 spheres around one. Each sphere of the outer 12 is intersected by two disks.

Dynamics of reality

The transition of quantum potential results in the release or absorption of energy as a traveling photon begins or ends. The dynamic 3D refraction represented (at least) symbolically is the animated transition of a dodecahedron to a cube (hexahedron); 12 compressing to six. The solid volume will experience volumetric spin along eight axes during transitions between 12 and 24.


This is a page of notes.

Within the concepts on this page, if properly situated with an understanding of the dynamical affordance of the representamina, one may find a theoretical paradigm able to graphically predict real causal dynamics of electricity, gravity, magnetism, and time, and as an correlate of the Maxwell quaternion mathematics modeling the observations of Michael Faraday.

This will be an attempt to equate Maxwell quaternion matrix algebra by the genius of Robert Neil Boyd, Ph.D, against the nature of space-time as a quasi-axiomatic analog.

The attainability isn't certain. This is psiFi

The Znidarsic Theorem is new to me and is all yet half-baked vernacular, raw word salad. BYOBB (Bring your own bacon bits). My sympathy to you trying to understand my vernacular. It's home-rolled and evident of no formal education in these areas.


A nucleus of an atom is largely all the mass of the atom.

The thermal energy of a metallic atomic lattice is the total oscillation energy of the masses of the nuclei coupled through collisional barrier of the electron cloud. This total energy blanket absorbed into the vibrational atomic lattice is apparently stochastic and the source of black body radiation.

When electromagnetic forces are impinged upon electron clouds that are harmonic with the phononic period of the nucleus equilibriating with gradients impinging the could, a harmonic coupling forms between the nuclear phonon and the external force producing the impinging electromagnetic force. These internal and external forces remain uncoupled until the thermal energy of the electron cloud gives way to a superconducting state upon cooling.

Upon harmonic coupling of the nucleic wavegroup, the ambient thermal anisotropic energy blanket may cohere into and assume a quantum resonance with the mass-wave now imaged inside-out as the exterior half of a di-inertial coupling field that externalizes the internal mass field, seen through the electron coupling to the nuclear Coulomb field.

The translation of electron heat to nuclear mass-waveform EM resonance waveforms. Outlandish thermal/phononic technology!

Inertial tricks, like having a harmonic coupling with a macro Bose-Einstein condensate. Spin center shift along on a spin-axis is an inertial pulse. Hyperbolic interaction with the macro-BE entails spin-momentum storage while preserving inertial stability, and perturbations of a symmetry balance along an axis through a spin plane (imbalance between sides of the spin-plane equator) also perturbs the definition of the inertial rest mass... entailing a dipolar system of equalized inertial strain with bias control to produce a difference.

Rather than balance a pin on its sharp end while angels are dancing on the pin head, initial consideration of a torus knot copper conductor as a simultaneous bucking magnetic spinwave zapojiggy would serve as the core organizer of an spin-compression oscillation chamber for volumetric spin-wave electrodynamics of 3D polariton vortices induces in proximal dielectrics.

Like I said, raw, however, the raw fact is that the charge implosion EM dynamics model the inertial mass of the nucleus. The oscillator losses over time is the sustaining expense for keeping spin-mass inertia within the oscillator.

This science is sounding a lot like the applied science of the Japanese inventor's patent for a Superconductive_Electromagnetic_Engine.

Here it is again in a nutshell (well, we'll see)...

Charge implosion geometry is seeded by a well appointed torus knot –a geometry conducive to complicated families of pineapple spirals with a toroid core double-vortex center. See Warp Theory 101.

Regions of charge collapse toward the center of the device from the outer layers impinge the seed geometry –a torus knot (entangled toroid helix), and the evolution of a macro-spinwave within the polarizable medium.

Multi-phase magnetic pulse coils provide moving magnetic fields that polarize proximal dielectric media at certain time-geometry dependent rate.

Pulse groups applied externally in varied pulse-width fashion may deliver a hyperbolic dynamic that establishes dual vorticular spin harmonics that will effectively deliver a one-way pulse without a system kick-back. Such anti-harmonic pulse-bursts could be used to milk the excess energy from a resonant system.

Non-reflective hyperbolic pulse bursts may augment a coherent frequency group that will find harmonic completion through the throat of the toroid as a self-similar spiral for the respective geometric contour of the toroid vortex pairs. The design challenge will be to determine physical structure providing an effective inductance response dynamics and frequency bandwidths and such of charge compressing to inertia.

This technology is about electronic coupling with the matter-wave of the resonant system. Control of that system is through the parameters of the electronic coupling.

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