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Knot Mechanics and Magnetic Evanescence

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psiFiNucleosonic⋅Knot Mechanics and Magnetic Evanescence

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PSIence fictionirregular science[1]

—removed from a private communique

W A R N I N G   W I L L   R O B I N S O N   !

This passage is confused between a series current in a knot, and a bifilar current that flows around both halves in different directions between connection points that are diametrically opposite on the plane of the torus.

This passage is confused between magnetism and cancelled magnetism.

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My concept of resonant, toroidal voltage collapse was first heard realized in the theme of a [Dan Winter] video, sourced from Europe (2006?). The hyperbolic-impulse on a magnetic torus to invoke structure in the field as a 'graviton', or such, is dependent upon a mathematics which provides a 3D solution of the orthogonal EM forces having an dual-integer harmonic solution --which I think I understand does not exist in flat-space (as the equi-angular golden spiral is irrational :)

An axiom of Nature

There is one angle of spiral-compression that has a common axis of spiral-rotation, and its hyperbolic conical surface with the golden ratio.

Connecting the dots


A torus knot of a Fibonacci P/T relationship (2/1, 3/2, 5/3, 8/5, 13/8, etc... Fibonacci sequence neighbors as P/T parameters) is an integer harmonic, and an electrodynamic wave function implemented upon its length (which has entangled harmonic nodes on the surface) based on any integer harmonics does not provide the voltage-compression effect --the conjugal attraction across the minor diameter providing the Z-pinch sourced system strain. The compression occurs by the waveform accelerating against itself in a shrinking spiral, and the irrational golden angle is not achieved by any Fibonacci integer pair. Close, but not exact.

So the Fibonacci-neighbor-pair selected will alternately approximate the golden ratio by asymptotically approaching while alternating at diminishing distances on either side of the exponentially increasing Fibonacci summation sequence.

Therefore, various degrees of torus knots will have a rotating component in the flux density average on a moment around the center axis... per more convoluted thinking, and big dose of artistic license.

That rotating flux density is the dissipative component that will not go away until the density-wave walking poloidally around the ring is countered by a reverse density wave, calculated as the Golden Error Phase Wave in my fictional pages (PsiFi).

When the dissipative walking phase wave is quieted, the knot, intuitively venturing here, the knot will be at a quiescent balance of lowest energy balance, ready for the harmonic absorbtion of a hyperbolic impulse --or a magnetic density wave as pulse-width-modulated magnetic density wave that is the effect of the voltage-impulse just the same.

Crudely put... tune a knot to quiescent resonance in full self-resonant magnetic pulse mode (exactly like Soljacic's and Intel's loops), and then hit it with one system-tuned hyperbolic pulse to accumulate one macro-quanta of stored, compressed voltage --or gravity, per Einstein's lingo. It is balanced 'gravity' that has no net effect externally, as the dipole magnetic reverses the spiral stress to push toward the center in both torus vortices in the hole.

And if this is 'putable', then the accumulation of macro-quanta of cancelled 'gravitons' (whatever) is technically creating a hyperbolic dimple in the flatness of space-timing, in regard to the inductive and capacitive constancy of space-timing.

Interpreting Znidarsic, the deeper the emergence of the BEC characteristic, the slower light will travel through the affected region of the vacuum energy foundation. Therefore, temporal anomaly would be easily sensorized as a simple shadow-graph as a spherical lens, not to mention some compelling interference-holograms.

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