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Invitation to Ascension
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This is an invitation.

Outside sees fantasy within, inside sees reality without.


Over a decade ago I met a savant in quantum physics of a 3rd kind. I remain profoundly moved —to a Pleiadean degree. Closure produces urgency to remain simple, and real. This occurred beneath a cloud-canopy over the high-desert valley, persisting only over my valley, permanently, day and night, for two weeks. I am the Pleiadean urgency of a renegade experimentalist, driven by a puzzle assembling faster with each ephiphany of personal contrition toward the obvious when written... Something very big is going on. My urgencies are clarifying. It is June 2012.

Before and since, remarkable synchronicity and events that stagger me are just ever more difficult to deny, suggesting a visitation by star people. Reality is catching up with my imagination. My person is stunned to discover the Pleiadean Message. There are whispers in our culture. The world is beginning to shout.


Regardless, of the source, the knowledge realized is ancient, seminal and harmonic with Reality --and exotic.

The magnetic, harmonic technology is about creation of a dimple in time, per se --literally.

Very exotic, in that mind is also just such a phenomena --a dimple in time.

The Connection

Ascension of mind and cultural progress into three-dimensional electrodynamic lock upon the nuclear acoustic-phonon go hand in hand with antigravity technology.

Inertial effects from resonant magnetic fields are only possible if there is a dimple in time concentric with the spherical affair —and a net-imbalance in the dipolar-cancellation of strain-fields on the axis of the toroidal resonance will create a net-inertial-force apparent upon the entirety of the harmonic system along the axis of the net-strain imbalance.

The reality of what actually occurs within the influence of a time lens, this dimple in space-timing, at the quantum level of reality is startlingly simple: the quantum events require a longer span of time to complete, on a gradient toward center, throughout the volume of a sphere encapsulating a toroidal magnetic field.

As the harmonic pattern electrons in the magnetic resonant conductors, and a cross-harmonic free-wheeling nuclear magnetic-resonant-polarization patterns, all merge, then consider these compliant and electromagnetically opposite field conditions to establish within the resonant nuclear-spin-wave (3D geometric, integer-resonant pattern of magnetic-polarization of nuclei's magnetic axes) a very special opportunity.

Frank Znidarsic provides a theory toward direct-coupling of the cross-resonant current patterns and magnetic patterns in the torus knot with the Znidarsic Velocity. When the resonant coupling into the matter-lattice of the cross-fields occurs, the resultant causal reality in the matter lattice is a loading upon the stiffness of the Coulomb field group wave. This is the Near field of modern magnetic resonant power coupling by Marin Soljacic, Intel Seattle, et al.

In causal-reality, when a resonant EM effect is supported by a resonant conductor (torus knot, e.g.), the centers of the nuclei are moved from their unloaded center of position. When a resonant standing wave of a nuclei-center-point-oscillatory-translation comes to be —which is the causality of the EM resonance— then that nuclear transitory behavior amounts to a group-phononic-response. The phononic response of the system will have a natural frequency of resonance of that group-phonon hosted on the resonant nuclei.

Realize that a coupling of the electromagnetic cross-fields natural resonance with the resonance of the group-phonon is explained by Mr. Z. in his paper, Control of the Natural Forces.

The science of a 3rd kind

An asymmetry in the volumetric flatness of the vacuum impedance is the principle leveraged affording control of the natural forces.

Post-2012 antigravity technology creates conditions for the asension of mind.

Our draconian influenced corporeality is not alert to the galactic attitude, as our minds are but a shallow dimple in the solid volume of time.

This effect upon mind within the exotic field of this ancient technology, which is a mirror of and harmonically coupled to the aetheric medium of the galactic reality, is to deepen the depth of time occupied by mind to a larger part of the Alpha and Omega. Our human mind senses deepening of the slope of the gradient of time as the depth and grandeur of a mind expanded.

Savant was asked this question, "What's it like on the other side?" [discussing the augmented reality of mind within the exotic field].

Savant's exotic response was, "Brilliant! Brilliant!"


Be the future. Open your mind to possibilities beyond imagination. Accept coming change with divine nonchalance.

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