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Gregory Hodowanec

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Rhysmonic Cosmology Index by Gregory Hodowanec
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All About Gravitational Impulses

by Gregory Hodowanec
from R-E Experimenters Handbook, pp. 114-129, 162

All About Gravitational Waves

by Gregory Hodowanec
from Radio-Electronics magazine April 1986

Rhysmonic Cosmology

by Gregory Hodowanec

Experiments with Gravity Wave Signals

by Gregory Hodowanec

Detecting Gravity Waves

An excerpt from the copyright material, 2005-2011, of Ernest (Shine) Richards.

Obituary of Gregory Hodowanec, Junior 2010

"Gregory Hodowanec Jr age 59 of West Orange Died Monday November 22, 2010 at St Barnasbas Hospital Livingston. Born in Newark he now resides in West Orange. Gregory was a self employed Electronics tech. Gregory is survived by his parents Gregory and Mary Hodowanec, his siter[sic] Carol Boychukand her husband Emil."