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Gravitational Magnetism –An Update
Saul-Paul Sirag, International Space Sciences Organization, 3220 Sacramento Street, San Francisco, CA
by Robert Matthews and Ian Sample
"According to Dr. Eugene Podkletnov, who led the research, the discovery was accidental. It emerged during routine work on so-called "superconductivity""


Electrogravitational Mechanics
Jerry E. Bayles,,
This work presents a study of electrogravitational field mechanics leading to a solution of the actual gravitational mechanism.

Gravity Made Simple
Cliff Clinton,
This is an attempt to look at gravity from a different perspective, one not as an attraction or a push. It puts time, space and motion into perspective.

Existing Theories About Gravitation
A compilation by

Gravitation and the Dark Matter Model of the Universe
Jerry Hynecek


Gravitational Waves Sensor Detector
Superconductive Electromagnetic Engine
Hidefumi Kubota,,
I would like to make public an epoch-making new technology in the world. The name of the new technology is “superconductive electromagnetic engine”. The superconductive electromagnetic engine is an inertial drive engine which drives without acting mutually with the outside of the hull and can do reactionless drive.

Quantum Vehicle Propulsion
Jerry E. Bayles,,
Presented to the NASA STAIF Conference, D04 Session, Feb. 04, 2003 by Jerry E. Bayles