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A google translation of the original Finnish article.

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Note: the google transliteration is a bit rough in English. [Square brackets are mine.]

Early spring deep undercover folders treated with flying saucers. Period ended on a dramatic speech on Finnish gravity research.

Yet uskomattomanpaa [beyond belief] is that the research is there. Its author is a Russian scholar living in Tampere Eugene Podkletnov.

In examining the rotating strongly University of Technology, materials technology department electromagnetic field of ceramic suprajohdekiekkoja [superconductors] Podkletnov crashed into a strange phenomenon. The discs appeared to be losing weight as if they would resist the attraction. This phenomenon was something unprecedented: antigravity.

Gravity repeal would have technology similar to the leap that the invention of electricity Annex algae on the surface of sci-fi films in cars, little energy for space floating UFOs and Back to the Future -leffan the ring skateboards would be possible.

Podkletnovin [Podkletnov's] research team's findings were not related in any way at the time the material technology 'before the institution suprajohdetutkimukseen. However, when he published the results, was a scuffle between the material and the technology now Podkletnovin.

The results teilattiin [were torturous? or titillating] as well as the Department of the press.

Despite the Riepottelusta [assault] Podkletnovin believe the findings has not disappeared. March, Wired magazine published five p.m.-page article he ironically denies its television series raving mad scientist.

Unable to Podkletnovia does not claim to no one. He has a name dozens of patents and thirty-release materials technology. In the current work, the Tampere-kind superconductors manufacturing Tamglass Engineering Oy, he gets Wiredin according to use only one-fifth of their talents.


Podkletnov has risen to the Internet a number antigravitaatiosivuilla almost a cult figure. The Student The magazine, he commented that the previous experience of public word riepottelussa have made ​​cautious.

"I'm going in early May by NASA: an, United States. I do not desire to comment on anything, "says Podkletnov phone. "But the matter will not speak. Some studies have shown good results, "he suggests. Yänessä is slightly bitter pride.

US space agency NASA research center to confirming that Podkletnov has been called. Research Director Ron Koczor Space Science Laboratory of the Marshall Space Flight Center says via email that NASA is a research bouquet reported by the gravity of the phenomenon Podkletnovin. She has been invited for a week to exchange ideas and to advise the trials. NASA's tests and the material used in them differ Podkletnovin tests. And they have not reached anywhere near the reported effects of gravitational field.

"We are trying to understand his apparatus specialties, and how he has used their device to detect the gravity of the phenomenon. If in a conversation a detailed extension is necessary, we are talking about this with your doctor Podkletnovin "Koczor says." We believe that if Podkletnovin effect is real, it has a huge impact on our civilization, "explains Koczor studies.


WIRED Journal suggests that Podkletnov thrown out of the Tampere University of Technology because of gravitaatiotutkimuksiin University of ambiguity. Material Technology plant supervisor, Professor Tuomo Tiainen According to a scuffle between now and Podkletnovin was only after he had already left the institution.

"Podkletnov used the name of the plant trials, which the body has not been done. The Department does not want to take the merit, not good nor bad.

"Content of the research itself tit does not want to comment. According to him, it belongs more to physics than the material technology.

Associate professor of physics at the University of Helsinki, gravitaatioasiantuntija Tapani Perko takes Podkletnovin thoughts of caution.

"If an investigation is true, it's a great sensation. But it is the same problem as a perpetual motion machine. They tend to fall by the lack of evidence

"Perko According to revolutionize on inventions tend to rotate the long loop before they are buried. A couple of years ago Podkletnovista spoken in Finland, now the information has spread and ended up NASA: an.

"If the investigation were true, I guess it would have provoked a stir. Not revolutionary inventions just buried.

"Perko says that he is not an expert superconductors and does not know exactly what the experiment is all about. He believes that this is a gravity opposition to the second power.

"Of course, some other force may be annulled by the force of gravity. But by itself does nothing happens. Need to take some energy.

"As such, the fluidization is not a trick and nothing. For example, Japan has tried floating magnetic trains on the track.

Annulment of the gravity research around the world. NASA scientist Tony Robertson emphasizes Wired Brussels that NASA has an obligation to repeal gravity.

At the same time hörhöleimaa create the most diverse village of fools. Internet has a number of painovoimafriikkien newsgroups and web sites, some of which is mainly Paranormal box of delights and is best suited for secret folders. Multi annulment of gravity believer believes in UFOs.

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