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Gravitational wave detectors

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Gravitational ‘Wave’ Detectors

The initial GW experiment was made to possibly observe local inertial effects on a capacitor which drove a very high gain IC amplifier circuit. A series of tests indicated the feasibility of such testing. Many tests were made with an audio amplifier as well as a meter in the output. However, when using a shielded large 10 uF in one test, perturbations were duly noted, but also strange pulsed ringing effects’ continued even though the perturbations were halted! I was awed by these low frequency (quite melodious) rings and it almost felt like the universe was responding to my testing! Further tests proved that these ‘signals’ were external to my environment and they were not shieldable! This led to the development of many other circuits which later proved the signals to be but longitudinal ‘scalar type waves’ being developed by the universe itself, truly a serendipitous discovery!

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