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Self Description

Don's type is what an inquisitive, retired software developer does with too much time on his hands.

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Self-reflection on confabulatory-projects before 2012

I am totally unsatisfied with my ability to express what I think I know to express my (personal and subjective) knowledge against consensual appreciation of others. I.e., it's been a lonely road, and sometimes I wonder if the path is doing loops. The more learned, the smaller the appreciative audience becomes, until there's few left but contending rivals in different realities. To sympathize with a quip of a former employer, Dr. Craig Smith of Seattle, "I'm so specialized I'm perfectly suited to help nobody." Dr. Smith is an immuno-neuro opthamologist.

December 29, 2014

Design Closure

Named The Hexatron, this circular affair is realized the week my tom cat died. This was my loyal, needy computer-side kitty, Forest Oliver Manly Mitchell, III.

This year has been one of amazing changes, humbling admissions, and unexpected simplicity that rushes toward what design goals are realized in this evolving expression.

Those things that vector our psycho-glandular 'true' reality within are those things that help describe the metaphor and principle of a fantastical rendition of alien physics. The magic of the auric-adrenal tuning by immersion of a thinking-machine within the chamber of reckoning is a magic so profound that the explanation of it to your mind in this sentence falls on deaf ears —unless you are in the place to be. Be the balance-indicator-needle of the Wheatstone Bridge[1] coupling of mind and a mind-controlled-artifact within an magnetic resonant envelope in a balanced growth toward eternity.

This year brought the reckoning of the singularity's grip upon the expanse of the superluminal quantum aether as the bosonic system of the determinence of Universal Mind. I.e., the Higg's boson is intelligent.

Reckoning came to bring closure with the words of a tenured Harvard professor that spoke at an IUFO conference, saying, "The information patterns captured by a black hole become structural artifacts that are yet there" suggesting the memory of the Universal mind is the structure captured within a singularity.

A cosmology is evolving within my mind this year to a degree that I recognize it. The Dogon priest of Central Africa, a direct cultural lineage of the ancient Egyptians, know there to be 266 sub atomic particles. I know there is a causal linkage through the chaotic dynamics of the noise floor of the scalar-continuum of the quantum foam to the events of Earth reality. I know our mind and neurology to be a tuner that couples with a reality far vaster than our days and places.

This last season brought the reckoning of the bifilar resonance of a circular copper loop[2]. The copper loop provides two points that maintain simultaneous timing events, as dual resonant nodes of a self-balanced 2nd harmonic resonance on the copper magnetic dipole loop. This avails rotary-magnetic studies that are not limited to light-speed for rotary a group-wave, and also serves as an analog counterpart of the average of chaos over time.

  1. Wheatstone Bridge, Humboldt State University Robert A. Paselk Scientific Instrument Museum, URL:
  2. Simultaneous resonant nodes of a 2nd harmonic system: driven into A.C. magnetic resonance (10 to 20 megaHz current pulses, pending scale and loop reactance), these nodes operate at diametric opposite sides of a magnetic resonance in 2nd harmonic mode.

January 2, 2014

The knowledge of the Russian QAT learned from adventures with Dr. Prueitt allowed the realization of a design-simplification of a binary state machine slaved to a magnetic inductor through an ultra-switch (the monolithic, high-current, extremely fast enhanced-gate technology of the Gallium Nitride Transistor.) This enables an intelligent power switch for several dozen megahertz oscillators into a low impedance current loop (similar to a magnetic dipole antenna driver). The switch is placed on the electrical junctions of magnetic resonant antenna arrays. The array of distributed switches onto the surface of a dimensional antenna segment enacts a precision multi-phase harmonic power controller, that fits the coherent envelope of an exotic 3D wave form like a glove. A programmable glove-switch-array used in phase-geometry engineered solutions for standing nuclear magnetic spin waves that self-symmetricize with increasing stored energy.

Update: April 4, 2015

The stability first sought will be a boson-structure within the rotary magnetic vortex. The QAT would then come into play with analysis of the zero-mode of a magnon that has compactified itself (conjugal attraction) with a spherical dielectric charge-skin, and an opposite charge as a dot in the spherical center. The dielectrically compactified magnon is a Skyrmion. Skymion zero-mode is a quantum dot. As theory is understood, without the blinders of academic prudence, the clarity is this: The quantum dot is coupled to the Higgs Boson by the vehicle of compactification, which is also the vehicle wherein the Skyrmion assumes mass.

Does the compelling OMG! aspects come through for you?

This entails logical assumption: If Einsteinian mass-energy equivalence is yet applicable to a very-giant-virtual-particle (on the scale of the resonator coil), then the resonant envelope, should this be the source of the energy that is translated to mass, would needed to have enough extra-stored energy in the harmonic envelope of the resonant system to convert into the virtual mass.

This scales the maximum system-mass that may be acquired to the energy-equivalence. This also scales the amount of mass to micrograms, or less.

Contrariwise, perhaps the energy-equivalence of mass-acquisition is sourced directly from the quantum plenum when the magnon coheres to the vacuum plenum energy density, as the operating theory goes.

Information needed: What is the mass as measured of skyrmions found doing spirals in magnetic fields, indicative of their inertial gain, as discovered in late 2015?

Circa 2013

I remained convinced of a plausible engineering affordance for which modern physics hardly has an accidental name. Scifi calls it warp technology. It is about energy structures used as tools toward structural morphology of reality —your average warp core used as a refrigerator, energy harvester from thermal sources, or reaction-less thruster and gravity manipulation. Some go as far as to claim the phi-damping frequency groups needed to invoke control of the natural forces also invoke the principles of mind; such principles as afford self-awareness by implicit golden ratio processes involved with reckoning.

My naive question of the year: are we genetically pre-configured as hyper-mind biological technology? Is our genetic heritage triggered to emerge when our warp technology allows our fuller mind to emerge?

The data of measurement and careful instrument design is predicated on an understanding of the way reality works, with engineering manipulation based on working theory which mathematical physics is rather blinded to cogitate —a human thing, like any other specialty associated with honor, be it physician, football player, or politician. The price to pay for a civilized box is to be blinded to avenues of mind that meander outside the box. CRANK! By this I exactly mean that the physicist by mental domain of human conditioning cannot see the forest for the trees.

Prudent peoples cannot fathom a way of inquiry (via institutional endorsement) into the natural forces save with respect for scientific history.

Interpretation of scientific history is all messed up. Scientific method in the physical sciences has become an antique thing that simply doesn't work between disciplines, let alone support the chain of ethos to scientists of great honor in the mind of the physicist.

Each specialty of deep research is an island of axioms which would madden the mind of a classical physicist to contemplate. The set of measurements across the dynamics of a real world loudly reveal that the standard quantum physics model is all messed up. Modern physicists cannot explain anything, but only name the relationships they've measured to be laws. Modern physics is about mathematical interpretation of measurement in a way that explains nothing, but the appreciation of the behavior of those dynamics studied.

Engineers do it —anyway.

Personally, I think we are all wrong, and as a culture are all messed up. The human culture.

The solution to the human culture is outside the box of human culture. Humans have selective blindness, a.k.a. culture.

Knowing this and having an angry inner child and no success attached to the honorable citational hierarchy of modern quanatum physics, I am of recent enjoying a much happier time out of the box on a permanent basis. If you personally know me, you are aware of the difficulty of communicating across the the gap separating inside from outside of the box. I am a crank.

‡a term of modern physicists referring to a science enthusiast who is incapable of learning he is so wrong.

I am a very intelligent crank. Let me share: once being free of mental energy needed to polarize thinking within the box of con-formality, a much broader vista appears revealing personal experiments to be accomplished as milestones of understanding how to manipulate reality to afford a control on the natural forces. [2013 —How little did I know! Multidimensional engineering harkens multidimensional mind. Call reality what you may and agree with others on any theory of personal taste. Champion theory rooted in conformal prior art, and be another bud on the branch of the existing tree of knowledge allowed within the box of respect.

Or, go wild, even if in the closet of your mind.

Replace your fear of thinking outside the box of scientific prudence with a scientific curiosity.

Do what you are here to do.

DonEMitchell 09:50, 1 March 2013 (MST)

Circa 2012 A physical workshop is being assembled for turning precision small parts.

Dr. Paul S. Prueitt and Don Mitchell have agreed to re-work the Quasi Axiomatic Theory category-computing project to a full expression, with category-atoms as compounds on a spherical surface for visual browsing of implicit axiomatic patterns in data streams. This will complete the work that was taken underground as DARPA war technology, but rather to benefit educational system in America.

A timid stand (if not vociferous) as an amateur physicist

Physicist is too strong of a name for my interests, with reckoner or poet more accurate. Call me an enthusiast (cubed).

June 2013: OMG!!! Ten days of disclosure! Go with the flow. Go with the flow. Back to reality? psiFi–Speak: This is yet before the golden point as a monopolar-centric orb. The weather is moderated by the dwelling question: How compliant is my perception of life with my greater celestial being yet not evident? And you yours? Many friends of diversity ensure compliant solutions of future to arrive. See [Category:Messianic agenda].

Interpret this psiFi please: Talk to us about the adventure you have seen in building a mentally controlled energy-artifact, structured within a toroidal golden angel nest within a plasma chamber, influenced by proximal intent. Tell us about the nature of time.

Focus projects for craft of trade:

  • Ring Amp –current prototype designs enter test in 2013 as a 3-phase torus knot interlacing that self-resonates into a low-impedance notch to reality (EM - nucleosonic coupling). Powered by a D.C. welder, it oscillates into the low RADAR range of frequencies seeking an attractor basin within the thermodynamic proximity of its intensified and geometricized near field.
  • QAT programming (since 2000)
  • Prototype shop featuring custom sine-vise multi-up cutting of neodymium-iron-boron (super) magnets, and high-speed rotary electromotive prototypes.
  • Mars Motor Project] prototypes — a 3-phase dual-Halbach-array motor/generator (prototypes refining designs)
  • Quantum refrigeration –electronic coupling as a 3D antenna to the thermal envelop of the nuclear phonon lattice (near-field designs: prototyping in 2013 –version requirement is a digital programmable 3-phase pulse-stream shaper/controller –pending shoestring budget.)
  • Magnetic Moire-pattern torque-converter (in design)
  • 3D-printing (future)
  • Thermal-cycle devices (future)
  • Forging white metals for prototyping machine stock. (future)
  • Ultra-transistor surface-mount buss for (EPC eGaN surface mount devices) (designed)
  • Programmable heavy-current switch using gallium nitride ultrafast transistors and an Arduino microcontroller. (Design to evolve from Ring Amp prototypes —differing by direct management of intense current in patterned conductor array to simulate a harmonic envelope, and/or track a harmony induced by such pulse-activation techniques exploited as software notation.
  • Technoshamanic artifact (psi-art) [A respect for the art was gained by a synchronicity that engaged the weather for 14 days.] Artifact of intent later explained as the core of something I saw in a meditative vision at age 19, forty years earlier, described in the recent past as what the describer, two decades prior, had reverse-engineered of non-human origin. If my curriculum vitae finds you amiss... standby and hope. You too may someday retire toward such happy science cave adventures surrounded by excellent synchronicity. Be well!

Skills and interest

  • Limited experience with .Net framework. A modern-tech dinosaur. Formidable algorithm mechanic world famous in my own home, and one or two others.
  • Geometrical digital-art illustrations with POVRay ray tracing application. (
  • HTML/PHP/CSS/scripts, Microsoft VB6 (Obsolete -dinosaur for hire, old, seasoned, spooky-smart), Real Basic(R), business database analyst and software architect of days gone by. Rudimentary anything if it has a good manual w/examples.
  • Developing electromagnetic, electronic, and fringe technology (EPC eGaN ultra-transistor and NMR refrigeration applications), and logic circuit designs (TTL logic and micro-controllers).
  • Esoteric researcher of several layers too deep down the rabbit hole to publish under less than psiFi [that works, as sequels publish the disclosure project to information from another time-line, through data-driven versioning to a time glass under programmatic control by cognitive influence —and vice versa from the universal mind. Phone home to trigger your holomorphic pupation from the larval reality of the human condition.] Yes, this is a strange paragraph.
  • Self-claimed experimentalists with design closure on 3D electrodynamic shape-antenna which cohere to the matter wave with proper nano-tech enticement in a huge-delta-scale-fabrication of a macro-resonator only afforded by a seeding enticement upon the plane of a torus hosting a stabilized Aharonov-Bohm wave, as the compeller of the current model of a collapsing star heart during a super nova implosion. Versioned fabrications PENDING. DonEMitchell (talk) 10:17, 2 November 2013 (MDT)


  • Cottonwood, Arizona, USA
  • Westcliffe, Colorado, USA