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Digital Plausality

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Digital Plausality
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What is Digital Plausality?

Digital Plausality is a toy theory of Reality. It is so much hand-waving attempting to convey concepts on a simpler and profound model of electromagnetic reality —a reality wherein time slows at the center-point of a bosonic system expressing a spherical identity to outer observation (photonically).

The concept basin of the reasoning (reckoning of logical plausiblity) toward expression of the affording principles across any scale of bosonic 'particle' comprised of coherent elements is applied to reality at the scale of quantum interaction. Especially reckoned is the interaction between two objects, wherein a delay from center-point dynamics, reacting as a waveform while simulating mass, a slow-time waveform, creates force between the interacting locations.

The center-point temporal gradient is applied at the abstractural level of cognitive assessment of memory, wherein mind is a dimple in time with wakefield ripples comprising unique personality attributes. This bridge of bosonic systems to the cognitive reactive-space of self-awareness also requires the premise that everthing communicated is to communicate the state of ones perceptive envelope alive upon a history of experience (ontology of mind).

Careful reckoning of the principles at play in the ability for the real or fictitious advanced being of light to couple the principle of mind with the principle of an intelligent star during that star's super nova implosion was not so much an intellectual goal, but an intuitive knowing that hunted me down. This knowing emerged amidst an ontology of mind strongly influenced by synchronistical events over all my decades. Digital Plausality's author's mission to bend time toward a point, to afford a focus upon the cognitive signal of the universe, coupled to human reckoning space by coherence at magnetic entanglement of the neural synapse as a natural order encoded genetically, might not be that of any other, or somehow yearns as the mission of many. Time will tell.

“Forces are now recognised as resulting from the exchange of huge numbers of discrete particles, or information patterns called vector bosons, which are exchanged between two or more particle information patterns. The absorption of a vector boson information pattern changes the internal oscillation phase-state of a wave-particle, and causes an impulse of motion to occur along a particular direction. This turns out to be the quantum origin of all forces. Therefore, forces can be thought of being digital rather than analogue.

Volkmar Weiss, from The golden mean as clock cycle of cortical rhythms, Section 5: The human brain works on the edge of chaos (


A plausality[2] is a theory set  —like a toy-set of familiar shapes based on several concepts as axioms[3] and extended by working assumptions (quasi-axioms) affording a reckoning of postulates operating within a regular concept basin. These plauses represent a personal code of sense and meaning —imagineering beyond the human condition.

Digital refers to discreet events, rather than analogue. Anything that happens in reality that leaves an artifact within Reality is an event.

Events have temporal structure.

  • Events occur upon a timeless resonance.
  • Events begin with an impulse on a timely basis.
  • Events transition from impulse to fractalization on a timely basis.
  • Fractalized potentio-kinetic energy coheres into a hyperbolic dwell, to become again timeless, yet involved with Vector bosonic systems as an evolutionary change event by way of local gradients and wavefronts of the scalar medium of the vacuum energy field.
  • The timing rate of event fulfillment is completely and only determined by the local gradient in the vacuum energy field of the rate of event fulfillment as allowed by a phononic nature of the medium of transition, a.k.a., the aether, proper.
  • Events on a macro level of multiple tempo-local units, have duration and delay qualities affected by the local effect of the vector boson field, and such field qualities are a statistical artifact expressed by the bosonic system as a whole upon a spherical region.

A macro-event requires a macro-system. Force effects are statistical involvement of myriad events. Force only occurs across a duration. Force requires a coupling to express, else uncoupled entails a disconnect from duration impedance, remaining yet only a future potential to create change by force. An atom, for instance, that is excited, having absorbed an impulse event, has future-potential to emit a photon (fluorescence). This same effect is statistically distributed across a matter lattice, producing a regional polarization called a field due to the remote effect of force considered (postulate) to be a sympathetic vibrational coupling within the hyper-ultra-fine vacuum energies --which coupling describes the field topology across a volume of space.

Plausibility Structure


  • The Universe apparent is myriad discreet pulse events, transitioning toward coherence, a digital Reality.[4]
Reality is digital: A physical effect throughout a range of real volume of matter as a field apparent is a summation of discreet impulse events acting upon coupled systems over a span of time.
  • Moments of interaction exist as phases from impulse, through fractalization, and into coherence.
  • While self-coherent as a bosonic resonance upon a resonant media, the self-resonance is coupled with the media of the resonance.
For a space-resonance upon the vacuum energy (Scalar Spinor Media), or the scalar foundation of Electromagnetic-Inertial Reality, effects relative to proximity in the resonant media, such as inertia, are coupled with the bosonic Slow Time moment.
  • During fractalization of coherence, the coupling with the proximal scalar media is diminished/released, with an impulse at the scale of the bosonic topology with a change-rate (shock velocity) proportional to the elasticity of the resonant media.
For a space-resonance upon the vacuum energy, change-moments of non-coherence with the resonant media are disengaging/disengaged, or uncouplng/uncoupled from the resonant media hosting the bosonic topology.
  • Fractalization by external force upon the resonant harmony will mirror the change-dynamics of the slope of the external force into the dynamic topology of the boson system.

Cohering axioms pending

Status: Draft draPHt [DuraphFfft]

These working axioms of reckoning are now past the brain barrier on this side of intuition! See center DuraphFfft insert, following, please.


Author note: In poetic expression, the Digital Plausality toy model in play considers delta-B via sonic concussion of star hearts during super nova scale equivalent of a sonoluminescent point —a central region of the star heart that glows with the emanation of heavy element plasma, converted from the inertia of a star; the star dust of our biocosm at planetary volumes. Titanic thunder upon the sonic media of the magnetic strength of a collapsing star afforded the locking inductive structures that captures the energy of a nova heart into the stability of a heavier element. These structural inductives appear as a dielectric charge with a polarity-sign slaved to the slope of the change of the intensity of the magnetic field of the nova's pulse moment. Oscillatory charge of sonic disturbances of nova scale of decibel equivalence near infinity on most any scale create star dust, the heavier elements that make Earth and us. The inductives are the resultant of the vibrations in the magnetic field energy density, per volume. The song plays as tightening spiral of a stellar Siren attempting to reach a high note of infinity in pitch. The creative spiral collapsing sonic crescendo of a star's last throb is an Alfven wave of a spinning star falling into itself in 3D. The moment is an intensification of its falling inertia to a magnification of the stellar core engine that it is. The magnetic field is a pulse of an ascending trill of a song that creates matter as the sonic frequencies approaching infinity cross the nuclear frequencies of a certain heavy element.
Digital Plausality suggests that the creation moment of a nova collapse creates matter by a cold fusion of nuclei that feel the song of the star's last trill in a conjugal embrace that lasts forever.
Therefore: A nova pulse is a nucleo-sonic event, an event that creates matter, on an energy scale obtained by a star only once.
Imprinted in the symmetry of the nova moment is the fractal regularity of dynamics across all octaves system scale, sub-quantum to hyper-cosmic, within the universe, and within our biocosm. The nova moment represents an exact mapping of reality, given to the extreme limits of reality's own definitions at the brink of collapse beyond an event horizon of photonic coupling, sketch for observation of the exact scale replica of a condensate of principle.
Newly realized today (Sat. 25, 2014), thanks for listening, the nova moment is the dynamic model of the working Coherence Axioms, that are yet pending in the Digital Plausality toy model of reality. If you find these things of interest, I predict you will really find the coupling of mind with chaos and the super-luminal dominion of star mind as the realm of our celestial soul. Xenolinguistic analysis is required to venture there, and the magic of mind is the tool of investigation, into a technoShamanic adventure I totally didn't expect, but as strange as I am, not surprised. And just as you were thinking that this is surely a paragraph of poetic license, the Russian comp sci comes to mind, borrowed from helping a computer scientist on a DARPA funding competition. Application of that information science to energy research is a personal project, and a project that enables the emergent discovery, by randomly driven pair-selections, of a dynamic that is not random over the process of time. The application of the Russian QAT as a detector of the unknown signal, a determinance in the quantum foam that vectors a continuance, is a head trip! I'm totally amused! This retirement in a galaxy-class rabbit hole has its lighter moments. The QAT comp sci is a hardware project that applies quasi axiomatic principles formalized by Paul Prueitt, Ph.D. The hardware rendition is toward human-in-the-loop control of a live coupling of a harmonic controller with its manifest electromagnetic resonance on toroidal geometries of multi-phased, entangled magnetic dipole resonators. The control interface will be an animated cartoon of the live dynamics found by QAT emergent discovery of dynamic behavior of harmonic stabilities on an optical torus, and their dimensions of stability. This sets the beginning for a tool in hand crafted to explore the near field optics of geometries into 3D Coulombic stabilities (standing NMR waves on an antenna shaped like the NMR wave —as modeled by the nova moment current patterns, or a spinning toroidal vortex) —pinned at Znidarsic's Velocity.

DonEMitchell (talk) 09:25, 15 March 2014 (MDT)

Nucleosonic Resonance assumptions

Spherical Moire interference
  • The flow of time is the evolution of relationships between myriad and discrete impulse-to-coherence events, as perceived by determinant observer. Time flows upon a digital medium within units of matter and energy, not at all an analog medium, and manifests change only during sub-light-speed transitions[5].
  • The duration of event fulfillment increases near the nuclear resonant dwell. As 'time' proper only exists at sub-light-speed quantum transitions which create a discreet quanta of coupled change that behave as if they flowed on an axis of change (time as a literal dimension [6]).
  • Event fulfillment occurs more slowly near resonant systems. At nuclear scales, inside the internal volume of the electron cloud's elastic grip upon the positive Coulomb field of an atom, time slows down of significant degree to invoke the periodicity of photonic energy. In an interpretation of Znidarsic Theory,[7] time-retardation is considered the equivalent of slow-light-speed. Both non-sinusoidal-impulses are synonymous in that each refers to the same causative source; alteration of the rate of event fulfillment within the vacuum energies as the foundation of the translational qualities of electromagnetic oscillations.

Electromagnetic reckoning

Draft Page


Reckoning within a plausible structure for electromagnetic momenta creating inertial/gravitic effects, and a perturbation on the flow of time as a systemic vector boson. An atom is the resonant artifact of coherently entangled event artifacts, as are the atomic subcomponents of opposite charge, the electron and proton. Neutrons are magnetic resonant artifacts that cohere by internal dynamics, without creating a charge-effect in the local vacuum energies. This is the local field-effect supporting what the field actually 'does' to interacting media.

Cosmogenic Huevos

  • An electromagnetic accelerating-pinch can only exist as a non-dissipative integer-resonance within a hyperbolic dimple as a gradient of event fulfillment in the vacuum energy. The gradient is caused by a self-acceleration of attractive forces toward a point that is an infinity away on the frequency scale within the diminishing vortex funnels of orthogonal toroidal coherence.

The Golden Error Phase Wave
  • The toroidal dynamic in various Fibonacci integer resonance modes can each only approximate the golden ratio at the integer harmonics needed for resonant balance[8].

This page emerged from loose groupings of tacit knowledge fragments, and is yet in redaction to a form and flow. —DEM

Cubing-the-sphere reckoning

  • Any perpetuum mobile in nature, such as the atomic nucleus, must have a non-dissipative oscillation, which can only come in the equiangular spiral in 3D for the perfect golden ratio between orthogonal spin planes of toroidal dynamics.
  • The electromagnetic instance of an equiangular-spiral cannot exist in a toroidal resonance of dual spin harmonics —in a Newtonian world— without being a dissipative oscillation. Toroidal dissonance would be a low-frequency rotation of a standing wave, which angular moment is proportional to the golden error.

Conjecture: Bosonic time-glass creates a hyperbolic space

A reverse density wave to nullify a Golden Error Phase Wave may form the attractor basin for time glass resonance, and is based on torus knot parameters.

With balanced nullification[9] of Golden error phase losses, the resulting non-dissipative system becomes a non-sinusoidal-impulse-sensitive system, wherein certain phraseology of harmonic overtones over time create a gradient impulse in the balanced toroidal resonant system that converts impulse into infinity-seeking EM spirals at the harmonic center. These higher harmonics are confused in modern physics as the nucleus, while the nucleus is the artifact of non-sinusoidal-impulse.

Unavoidable implications

A hyperbolic dimple in the flatness of space-time, which has a gradient of slower-timing-durations toward the point-center, exactly entails that the wave-form of the nucleus forms a Z-pinch on the timing-rate of the vacuum energies, and therefore is externally observed as an optically reduced spherical region. It is a time-glass wave-structure upon the aether energies that are separating the Universe. Per this toy theory: the atomic nucleus and the outer electrons are a resonant field system with structures that lens timing-rates of impulse events. The nucleus appears as an extremely small point, relative to the electron cloud radii, when flat space-time Newtonian mathematics is used against an instant-event model as the quantum transition (pre-Znidarsician).

A hyperbolic-space concentric with the torus dynamical center (of dual, orthogonal dynamics) must exist in effect that enables wave forms of the toroidal dynamics to perturb into the only balance as a non-dissipative system. There are a large number of toroidal dynamics solutions that approximate the golden ratio between angular momenta. The ratio of each neighboring pair of numbers in the Fibonacci sequence approximates the golden ratio, 1.618..., with increasing accuracy as the sequence numbers increase in value. Therefore, torus knots of lower, less approximate Fibonacci neighbor ratios require more hyperbolic space adjustment at the center of the toroid than for higher Fibonacci degree ratios, such as the (13,8) torus knot. I.e., the higher the degree of torus knot, the less hyperbolic adjustment is needed for the knot core to cohere into a self-accelerating electromagnetic tension as a vortex pair. There will therefore exist a vector boson for each torus knot resonance that effectively compresses space axially through the torus center —provided a non-sinusoidal-impulse has increased the time glass energy density of the vector boson.

[Therefore,] A vector boson is a time bubble, or topological gradient of the rate of event fulfillment, such as a quantum transition, or coherence of one more quanta into a boson-mass-storage of spin-stress on time. Potential is a vector boson as a pattern system across dipolar strain-units, such as a charge strain in a polarized dielectric material.

3D EM Resonance must rotate in flat space

A reckoning

A three-dimensional (real space) electrodynamic resonant instance, as a plasmon, plasma, or matter lattice cannot form a geometric toroidal pattern with the spin-momenta of integer harmonics.

A phase-wave of magnetic energy density variation rotates around the toroid ring, poloidally —a walking pattern in the toroid ring.

This poloidal phase wave rotation rate is the product of the toroidal angular momenta[10] times the difference of the Golden Ratio (Phi) and the ratio of the toroidal angular momenta.

ωphase = ωpωt(Φ – ωpt)(1)

where ωphase is the golden-error phase-wave poloidal relative frequency of energy density rotation around the torus ring, and where ωp and ωt are relative frequencies of toroidal integer harmonics,[10] and Φ = 1.618…, the golden ratio.

Table 1. lists the first nine pair of Fibonacci-sequence-neighbors using equation (1) which algebraically reduces to…

ωphase = ωpωtΦ ωp2(2)

ωp ωt ωpt Phi–ωpt
1 1 1.0000  0.6180  0.618
2 1 2.0000 –0.3820 –0.764
3 2 1.5000  0.118  0.708
5 3 1.6667 –0.0487 –0.730
8 5 1.6000  0.0180  0.720
13 8 1.6250 –0.0070 –0.728
21 13 1.6154  0.0026  0.710
34 21 1.6190 –0.0010 –0.714
55 34 1.6176  0.0004  0.748

Table 1. Toroidal spin-momenta relative frequencies of Fibonacci neighbors and their angular phase-drift per Phi variance (Phi – ωp / ωt), where the integer toroidal-harmonic angular frequency of ωt is less than ωp, the integer poloidal-harmonic angular frequency.

Eternal bandgap

The rotation of 3D charge-implosion toroidal dynamics is the de-fractalization of potential energy gained from an impulse. I.e., fractalized energy during a transition event is found cohering to a spiral of the ascending harmonics as the inner-spin-inertia.

If the physical rotation-in-place of electrodynamic potential has a coupling with a mass aggregate of resonant systems, then the poloidal rotation of the golden-error phase-wave becomes a dissipative antenna into the ambient resonant matrix.

Rotational system energy is a dissipative quality. However, if the rotation of the perpetuum mobile as a real atomic nucleus, or electron, et al, occurs beneath a bandgap limit preventing dissipative loss into the near space, then the rotation continues —ad infinitum. The rotation becomes a quality of the point-centered 3D harmonic.

  1. yet, experimenter/Builder Gilds are encouraged.
  2. Plausality: Re-invented by the author for the portrayal of intuitive assessments as plausible outcome suggesting experimentation.
  3. axioms: those elements of reasoning considered by all to be a foundation of truth, inviolate and fundamental. –axiom “In traditional logic, an axiom or postulate is a proposition that is not and cannot be proven within the system based on them. Axioms define and delimit the realm of analysis. In other words, an axiom is a logical statement that is assumed to be true. Therefore, its truth is taken for granted within the particular domain of analysis, and serves as a starting point for deducing and inferring other (theory and domain dependent) truths.”
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  6. time as a literal dimension: a human concept and nothing to do with the involved change events in the scalar continuum of Reality where quantum events occur. Sadly, Digital Plausality and the concept of time travel are incompatible quasi-axiom sets. The effect of slowing quantum event-duration is caused by stress on the vacuum energy foundation supporting electromagnetic (photonic) waves. An enlarged region of slow-quantum-transitions effect macro systems at the discreet level of each quantum change, and the macro systems as a whole in the slower region commence to flow through time more slowly relative to the rate of the flow of time outside the region. Observers looking into a slow region from outside observe the inside moving in slow-motion. Observers from inside a slow region see the outside world moving at high speed. However, the inner observer would look toward the center of the region to find a singularity in effect, where time slowed the most if the region is graduated in slow-time effect around a point-centered symmetry.
  7. Frank Znidarsic, Control of the Natural Forces (20) Classical physics reveals the cloaking-frequency of the electron-shell as a scale-dependent calculation as a function of matter nucleon count, proton count, towards programmatic electronic coupling into various nuclear-effects of a coherent proton group-wave while pinned in a matter-lattice. –2010 DEM
  8. resonant balance: a 3D heterodyne pattern in toroidal harmonic dynamics
  9. balanced nullification: regarding the nullification of magnetic field intensity, but the potential of a magnetic polarization, e.g. a closed magnetic loop, or ring, has little external magnetic field, yet is a polarized zone of magnetic potential.
  10. 10.0 10.1 toroidal angular momenta: toroidal smoke ring rotation, ωt, coupled with a rotation around the torus ring as a poloidal rotation, ωp.