Coral Castle of Edward Leedskalnin

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Coral Castle of Edward Leedskalnin
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Built by Edward Leedskalnin, a Latvian immigrant to America, the Coral Castle remains an architectural mystery, in that it is composed of multi-ton blocks of local coral bedrock with no remaining evidence of how Edward constructed it without power equipment.

Jeremy Stride [1] born 1985, is delving deeply into numeric relationships and produced a video documentary of a his investigations at his site titled Secrets of the Universe.

Edward showed that the 'magnetic circuit' remains even after de-energized, so long as the complete magnetic circuit remains closed.

"I read somewhere writings about Ed Leedskalnin, Ed went to shoe repairman and requested that the soles to be replace by Iron soles." —

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  1. Secrets of the Universe, Jeremy Stride, searching for Xenohistorical artifacts in the ratios and elements of The Coral Castle and Masonic temple architecture.