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Component testing with an Oscilloscope

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Use a scope to measure the length and impedance of coax

by w2aew (youtube)

Simple Component Tester using Oscilloscope - Octopus Curve Tracer

by w2aew (youtube)
See also: Octopus Oscilloscope Component Tester (SMC Electronics, 282KB PDF Schematic)

Basics of Lissajous Patterns on an Oscilloscope

by w2aew (youtube)

Oscilloscope operation differential voltage measurement

by BTCInstrumentation (youtube)

Basic 1X and 10X Oscilloscope Probe tutorial

by w2aew (youtube) This video discusses what 1X and 10X probes are, and how using 1X and 10X passive probes to connect your oscilloscope to your circuit will affect the circuit and the frequency response. It discusses why 1X or 10X probes are used, and how to properly compensate 10X probes.