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Warning! This page contains information that may be disturbing to certain cultural ideologies especially Truepers —<troo'·purrs>

 The Secret History of Pythagoras, Samuel Croxall (1751),

 Excerpt from page 6 and 7.
“The general sense is that when capitalism agrees on the reality of a physical phenomena, physicists quickly accept the inevitable.” —Dan Sewell Ward (

A Variation on the 100th Monkey Parable

Threshold conversion fails

Emphasis is placed on the persistent social order of the elder monkeys

The 100th Monkey Parable was contrived to exemplify the social dynamic frequently describing the down-side for the innovator.

As the parable relates, a young monkey in an island-bound population of monkeys happened to wash sweet potatoes to avoid the gritty beach sand. The sweet potatoes were provided by scientists to these wild monkeys they were studying. The adult monkeys failed to adopt this better way to eat potatoes; washed and clean. Only the younger monkeys were quick to adopt the better way.

If you make people think they're thinking, they'll love you; but if you really make them think, they'll hate you.

–― Harlan Ellison

While at some point in the future, with some break-over point having been obtained by the slow adoption of innovation, suddenly all monkeys accept the innovation as universal. Moreover, the scientists are purported to have noticed that at some unknown threshold number, identified as the 100th monkey, the washing technique was also universally adopted by the mainland monkeys by an unknown aetherical effect.

During the slow adoption phase of monkey innovation the momentum was subdued by the older monkeys that were set in their habits.

Trueper —<troo'·purr>

A takeoff on 'superman.' Truepers are sentients who believe in absolute truth. Regardless what dialogue one may have with a trueper, a trueper will rigidly enforce their perceived fundamental absoluteness of truth. Pirsig's MoQ, quantum science, and Quantonics all deny absolute truth. We can show rather simply and easily truth is an agent of its own changæ. We can show quite simply and easily there is n¤ such thing as Aristotelian, substantial, objective truth.

Source: Unique 'T' terms we use in Quantonics which are coined for and unique to Quantum/Quantonic Thinking Modes or QTMs (

The Church Effect is a continuation of the old way

The Church Effect is the causal outcome of the 99 monkeys, going about monkey business of daily tedium without care or compassion for the whole in regard to a better way for all.

As the 100th monkey signified some social threshold of general adoption, in the ongoing social dynamic of the church effect, the 100th monkey threshold is never reached. The scales are never tipped, and the monkeys continue eating dirty sweet potatoes because the elders do it that way.

Willed blindness is the perplexing social power exercised by those perpetuating the Church Effect. We see the 100th monkey, who devised a better way, was willfully ignored by those higher of his social ilk. Why? Well, nobody likes a show-off. And most of a pious sect will seize the opportunity to sanctify themselves through elevation within their well-earned pomp?

To acknowledge innovation and progress is to admit that there is something else of worthy merit besides the tenets already agreed upon by those of obviously higher social rank. Therefore, it is telling of the ilk if they are reacting to innovation as something to be ignored, as something of shame, requiring the innovator to be ostracized from those of social significance that know the truth.

"The dunces who led primitive Christianity astray, by substituting faith for science, reverie for experience, the fantastic for the reality; and the inquisitors who for so many ages waged against Magism a war of extermination, have succeeded in shrouding in darkness the ancient discoveries of the human mind; so that we now grope in the dark to find again the key of the phenomena of nature, But all natural phenomena depend on a single and immutable law, represented by the pratosphal stone and its symbolic form, which is that of a cube."
—Dr. Snow posted at (missing)URL:

Notes and loose concepts about the Church Effect

Warning! This page contains information that may be disturbing to certain cultural ideologies —especially Truepers
  • The Church Effect is the root of discord that counter-biases the effectiveness of culturally expressed compassion.
  • Humans have an inherent need to be correct.
  • Many humans have a sycophantic nature to align themselves with someone of ethos, someone of high social standing and respect.
  • A social-cognitive stigmata occurs in humans, whereby sycophantic polarization of followers beneath a leader leads to willful manipulation of circumstance to continue projection of "I'm of the mind of my leader" --which is more a denial of ignorance, than an assertion of wisdom.
  • Modern example: Newt Gingrich blurted an unrehearsed response on a television program to the early draft statement of the American health care reform legislation, admitting also that he had not yet read the context of the proposed bill.
    • The media picked it up and ran with the ensuing tumult of dialog in ignorance of a topic that literally did not exist.
    • To the degree of elder citizens gathering in irate crowds to prevent any form of discussion in town hall meetings.
      • The citizens, showing more signs of dementia than of being any bit informed, were united on a lie.
      • The lie was promulgated by a commercial opposition to change, supported by corporations funding the public dissemination of such outrage, per those not given to accepting the explanation of others --a more anthropological examination of media-politics.
      • Bear in mind... the outrage was over a lie... there never was a "death panel" in this context of public outcry.
      • Rather the bill was to add, as a new category of payment: That "Medicare would pay for consultation for medical hospice", an addition of an extra payment for new services, consultation, that would be added under the new health care proposals. My late mother was proof of the need for compassion, hospice was her only ally in a world of statistical medicine.
      • The bill of law stated that one could receive Medicare payment for consultation with a hospice care, a very special management layer added to a patient approaching death, where a nurse is in charge of suggesting to a doctor what compassionate need should override the clinical and often cold medical care of a practicing physician.
      • The lie rather promulgated by the media-phenomenon of spital-slinging-outrage, proper, was spread far and wide, meeting the political agenda of the day.
      • The sycophantic nature of those in protest chose to align with a politically correct attitude against all reason, which their minds were shut to at any cost, showing vile anger and sad ignorance, but uniting those that agreed to be disagreeable for the satisfaction of remaining in a politically correct genre of sad, mad idiots.
      • The media played the church-effect for profit, and thus began the Tea Party culture of indignation as an emergent Church Dynamic in a dumbing new millenia.
Warning! This page contains information that may be disturbing to certain cultural ideologies —especially Truepers
  • Applied power of ignorance effectively thwarts social bliss, a barricade to a united collective of attainment of peace and happiness.
  • A devotee of a power hierarchy will react in social circumstance with a hypnotic surrealism fleeting through a blank look when one is confronted with confirmable truth. The physical reaction of a power devotee is a pause, and a blink, and a pause, then a sharp inhale. At this point, the power devotee has already categorized anyone challenging control to the ranks of outsider, a dissident, and someone that should be controlled.
  • Truth is repeatable.
  • Lies are ephemeral.
  • Human culture forms as the crystal essence externally of the cognitive dynamics of the inner individual initiative within a populous of common struggles.
  • Human culture forms as the phylogeny of a metamorphosis of what will be from what can be, yet, this proclivity to dwell in common, "correct" ideological basins may be the resultant of what could be any number of possible ontogenetic evolutions.
  • Humanity can and does branch into an evolving, specialized social species of working proclivities, therein forming a sub-culture of a larger culture shared by the divergent factions.
  • Without the learned-need to exercise negative social influence, the "church dynamic" (or blind lead by the blind) dissolves into the personal regrets of the past of each the former advocates of dissension and avarice used as a tool to forestall discovery of one's lack of true knowledge, verses the working, "special" (as in species) proclivity to control others to enable one to elevate closer to the favor of the ruling few.
  • The antipathy of special hate is appreciation and curiosity for the knowledge of others, shared and celebrated as the uniqueness of the source.
  • Group Joy is the product of a lack of the church effect, enabled by the freedom to express the significance of combined efforts rather than schismatic cliques of disinformation abusers.
  • Governments, populated by a ruling genre, within themselves are successful from the viewpoint of the ruled class only if there is freedom to debate and discuss without the cloak of ignorant power spoiling the ascent toward group joy of a parsimony of attitudes.
    • A group solution resolved by a ruling class will escalate the ruling class.
  • The church effect is therefore a subliminal, yet defacto, conspiracy by those that are capable of a meta-viewpoint that encompasses a perspective of both the ruler class and the ruled class.
    • However, to enable any group to comprehend a meta-positional working attitude about human affairs in both classes, ruled and ruling, is frugal and short termed, and only applicable to any certain small church.
    • I.e., before a large group with an entrenched church dynamic can convert to holistic altruism, the converted factions will already have begun to un-convert back to proclivities of self-importance and sycophantic devotional hierarchy, which ferments an undoing of the conversion.
  • An actual church dynamic in America alone has seen the number of individual registered flavors of religion expand from about 2000 in 1980 to over five thousand at the turn of the millennium.
    • The church dynamic is an unhealthy thing to have within a church -a.k.a. meta-ruler/ignorant ruled mass (unaware but tithe paying).
  • Christianity is guilty of such humanization of original inspirations. All religions infected with such social dynamics have left rivers of blood across millennia.
  • A church dynamic will prevent the exposure and eradication of the church dynamic, as the culture has no methodology for disseminating a truth (repeatable outcome), as this would have prevented the presence of an ignorant class that would pander to the outcome-subverting knowledge of the ruling class.

The Storel to the Morey

  • Do not communicate or promote the events that ferment a church effect.
  • Do no support or advance individuals pandering behavior generating church effect: willful ignorance, violence without understanding, hatred for hatred's sake.
  • Ignore the ignorers, as attention paid is spent to acknowledge the social position as a position to be noticed.
  • Always strive to understand the larger picture, and the actions one contributes as affecting the entirety of a culture... e.g., "If everyone did as I did, what kind of culture would we be?" And, of course the Golden Rule always works, suggesting a correlation to a larger context... "Do to others as if I were a representative of a culture that I would want to live within."

“What you don't know won't hurt you —but will afford continuation of the status quo.DEM

The Church Effect disappears with information flowing outside of the control group —so question authority for the knowledge that justifies mandate.

To avoid being an individually contributed cause of the Church Effect, never find fault in the dream of another, lest your dream too falls prey to inquisition.


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