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Charge Implosion

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Note: Throughout this MikiWedia project, the terms black hole[1] and wormhole may refer to the same phenomenon regarding charge implosion, a space-time gradient geometrically centered in a hyperbolic pulse convergence, which causes/feeds the gradient change.

A popular topic presents a main principle of the universe, a theme also of Dan Winter.[2]

The theme refers to the formation of a multi-frequency electromagnetic 3D wavefront that heterodynes into the magnetic poles of a toroid field of magnetic potential, in spiral fashion. The geometric description of the spirals is as one helix propagating around a toroid ring (poloidally). The angular frequency of the helical dynamic shares a coupling with the angular frequency of the poloidal propagation as a harmonic function.

The dual-spirals may be of any member of a family of spirals (mathematically) if the space-time gradient created at the proper degree at the center of the toroid forms.

Essentially, hyperbolic space (non-linear space-timing) occurs when certain frequencies intermingle in the vacuum energy field (of virtual particles of space-time fabric). The higher frequency components of harmonic freuqencies may form a magnetic pinch effect at the toroidal center.

The gradient is caused by the acceleration of regions of a harmonic 3D wave-group vectored from opposite directions (dipolar) toward a point at the center of a toroid. The accelerating effect of the magnetic pinch has a linear rate at one certain harmonic ratio between the poloidal and toroidal dynamics. This ratio for linear compression is one that preserves the ratio across shrinking/expanding spirals (into-north/out-of-south poles) of electromagnetic coupling.

Concept Enumerations

Starmind Artifact —The knot of Life

  • Harmonic convergence occurs as a group wavefront of a harmonic series of waves of wavelengths in ratios of powers of the Golden Ratio (Phi) seek the same center vectored by a magnetic field.
    • The wave group components interact as conjugate spirals of similar self-constricting dynamics as found in nature in Birkland current ropes.
    • However, a harmonic wavefront forms instantaneously if the frequency components are already of a harmonic relationship, thereby creating a superluminal event in the inner radius of the toroidal hole for those sets of frequencies.
  • In biology, rather than the body cells hosting a space-time strain, proper, the strain is stored in the DNA in the form of kinks, or twists, in the long DNA molecule.
    • This provides biology with the scalar antenna, as an electromagnetic DNA chromosome, to couple with other imploding systems via the scalar impulse caused by energy translating into and out of the DNA within the zone of gradient strain.
  • It is a popular notion by some visionary thinkers that the superconducting magnetic toroid exists around the DNA molecules because
    • The protein nanotubes called microtubules[3] within the cell contain monatomic (or polyatomic colloidal clusters of) Ormus[4] (monatomic nuclear isomers),
    • which form Cooper Pairs, thus creating a Meissner Effect (superconducting field) around the DNA molecule... or some functional fractal essence, toward converting dielectric space-time strain to molecular twists in the DNA molecule.

Dynamic Life Geometry

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File:Complete neuron cell diagram en.svg
Neuron cell illustration showing microtubules.
  • If angular velocity of spin is changed, the change is reflected in the conversion to an impulse over time.
  • Angular momentum, or spin, can be converted from linear potential change (ΔV) if coupled to a second angular momentum of proper phase relationship, and vice versa.
  • Coupling may occur in situations where phase and position are in agreement, or coherent.
  • A toroidal magnetic field provides a conversion path for a change in dielectric gradient in the central length of the toroid center, and will elongate along the central axis creating a more elliptical cross section of the toroid minor diameter.
  • The toroidal conversion path will be the continuous path a hypothetical point charge would travel upon a dipolar magnetic flux field, and much like the path of a charged particle approaching Earth's magnetic field.
  • A dielectric gradient change event that contains harmonic components ascending by the Golden Ratio (~1.618) will create a heterodyning down the throat of the elliptical torus.
  • As heterodyne wave interference patterns form coherently, in resonance, the elliptical scale of the magnetic flux toroid increases as the reaction to absorption of a portion of the dielectric gradient change (power envelope)
  • However, the toroid throat, or center hole, experiences more dielectric strain than the outer major diameter of the torus.
  • It is the radial dielectric strain (caused by coupling with a waveform) that is stored within the torus that couples with components of a dielectric pulse, which is a scalar or gradient change of ambient voltage field as experienced by the magnetic toroid.


At the 2009 International UFO Conference (IUFO) in Laughlin, Nevada, a Harvard professor (tenured, of course) spoke on the concept of a black hole(s) storing as structure the information that was drawn into it with the compression of space-time medium where the information propagates. [research needed]

In the essence of this concept, the black hole[1] as an immense dynamo of scalar waves (whether a giant toroidal star, or spherical, with or without an event horizon) a and DNA molecules, both bathed in a locally intense magnetic field, share the same role: information storage. Both systems, the black hole and the knotted DNA, would be essentially telepathically coupled by scalar wave attunement, or more likely, tunable to each other, in that the space-time perturbation creates a superluminal scalar coupling between the structures within the black hole, and the structure of every DNA molecule throughout the dominion of the superluminal aether, a.k.a., Reality.


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ORME ( British Patent by David Hudson on the process of chemical extraction of light-platinum group of precious metals (Ormus)