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Characterization and Properties of Structured Waters

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“Materials Day” at the Materials Research Institute

Penn State University
15 April 2008
Manju Lata Rao, Tania M. Slawecki, M. Richard Hoover, Prof. Rustum Roy
Ultradilute and energetically imprinted waters have been observed to have therapeutic, corrosive or combustible properties although chemically they remain H2O. H. E. Stanley (Boston U.) cites 63 anomalous properties of water that likely correlate with structures and phases of water. Martin Chaplin (U. of London) proposes theoretical models of water clusters: how they arise and can persist, while Rustum Roy proposes a nanoheterogeneous model for the structure of water. Empirically and theoretically, water is understood to possess unusual properties that correlate with its underlying structure rather than its chemistry.

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