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Proposed PSIence project: facilitating stone soup

An association of benefit to evolving groups of specializing cooperations.

While theories are a dime a dozen (plus shipping), applied theory based on axiom that works is a human affordance.

Informally, plausality paradigm involves formation of artifact from dreams. Digital Plausality, another low-valued theory, is a concept-map of sorts that situates a Reckoning Space toward innovation of novel technology.

New Science

The paradigmic shift in thinking of the variability of quantum transitions[2] as cause of the rate of the flow of time[3] exemplifies the dynamics at play during quantum transition, which impulse transition occurs at a duration controlled by the vacuum energies local to the transition.

Digital Plausality conjecture as a quasi-axiom: Time exists only as a mental construct, and a flow-rate of myriad events existing as transitions of knots in the vacuum energies have no interconnection to each other in regard to timing, save sharing a common gradient of the rate of event fulfillment within respective vacuum energies local to each transition.

The parametric information flowing into sensor logs of a time-glass artifact by nucleosonic resonance, will contain the patterns of relationships of the kinematics of Reality as logged. Contemporary mathematical science can seek a notational model when and if data is acquired.

If fringe-science works, repeatedly and dependably, to model outcome on live sensorizable parameters, then it is of value. Value chains evolve within an early adopting community and the interchange becomes a commodity, specialized skillsets evolve to a craft of trade —founded by the only consultants of novelty: the innovators.

Foremost in PSIentific endeavors is acceptance of a community aspect; the willingness to confabulate over stone soup, heads-down around the camp fire.

There is no value in knowledge until process skills affording trade is developed. However, those that can appreciate the affordances of the Digital Plausality paradigm can see the future value of efforts to be first, or among the first, to create gravity-wave antennae, and with only specialized power switching and some complicated switching theory may afford a control-lock upon a time-glass, or a star drive, or a well-spring of vacuum energy.

Imagine the ramifications of what a complex phase-lock on a bubble in time would mean to the individual that could do this. Imagine the thrill of the team that developed prototypes, and understood the technique to cohere with and control the vacuum energies... the early team that could see all the off-shoots and opportunities.

Common wisdom on historical encounters of bizarre applied science [4] teaches caution and serious regard for social ramifications of even announcing to friends and family that one is working on alternate energy devices, let alone an antigravity engine (or any other programmed redefinition of Reality).

PSIence project resources for exploring nucleosonic resonance

  • Fabrication of electro-forms with very low resistance, very low inductance, and very low capacitance values.
  • Programmable interface controller (PIC) consultants
  • I/O: high-speed (GaN transistors) and sensor electronics availing resolution in waveshaping at a Znidarsic Velocity scale affordable —
  • Most importantly, those within the science of man that recognize 'their' reality in the description of psientific reality of conjecture. What truth of social value Digital Plausality paradigm entails will not become science until communalized in formal grammars —as interpreted by various omnibudsmen of respective truths.

  1. yet, experimenter/Builder Gilds are encouraged.
  2. Frank Znidarsic, The Control of the Natural Forces', rev. 2009, 2010, 2011 –Physics described in a new (slow) light when the quantum transition is provided with a path and duration.
  3. DonEMitchell, flow of time: impulse fulfilment duration rates; conventional time = fixed rate of fulfillment duration
  4. John Keely flew an open air platform at Mach speeds for military brass in the 1800s, and was dismissed as irrelevant as his machine was overly complex. John's technology was high-ultrasonic resonance, and an obvious conjecture is that the open-air craft had the protection of a time-glass.