Plausibility: Control of the effect of Gravity in two sentences (theory and method)

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  • Right Angle Force
  • Dielectric Field
  • Magnetic Field
  • Conjugate Fields
  • Charge Implosion resonant system coupling as group waveform in Golden Ratio relationships
  • Toroidal Resonant System a Threeness self-referent dipolar continuity embedded on radial discontinuity
  • Spin Mass
  • Electrogravity as a causal inertial effect afforded by coupling with EM qualities of the nuclear phonon lattice wave-group randomized under thermal energy.
  • Time Dilation of the ∂/∂t occurs as a nuclear phonon lattice wave-group coheres from thermal stochastics.
  • Stimulated inertial pulse of a spin mass provides a causal effect as gravity apparent, and is the pulse event of nano-randomness, such as Brownian motion. Collectively the inertial pulses define the center of the neighborhood gravity well by accumulated strain upon a matter lattice, or static pressure of a liquid forming liquid surface boundaries, or gaseous region about a gravity well.