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Awake my pupation!

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DonEMitchell —posted (Youtube)

U.S. Government, or human gene pool? It seems that the problem is more universal than any one government. This problem has haunted our gene pool since we have had genes.

But then one turns to a religious gambit, hoping for some form of personal nirvana, only to find that the same human genetic nature is everywhere, all human systems, all human endeavors, all our genetic biocosm of humanity.

Focusing on the negative is such an overdue wake-up-call.

How do I also focus on a positive replacement? How do our numbers swell in positive synergy toward a wonderful thing? How do we as the constituents of the world decide to utterly ignore the wolf in shepherd's clothing?

The world of people need a positive focus on a mission that brings tears to the eyes of every human that hears the good news (and screw the bloody religion's human-interpretation of the ancient texts, which human carnality only hosted millennia of all this whole mess in the first place).

Get down to our genetic roots now, and get past being served by a government that has become your parasitic brain.

Focus on small action groups that can grow and divide to specialties of accomplishment. Exponentially grown from within the false-shepard's innards, as we are the parts of this whole creature --humanity.

Pupate like a larval butterfly, and consume the flesh of the caterpillar, your own flesh as a societal body, to transform that flesh. The butterfly transforms by a new set of imagnial cells latent and waiting within the caterpillar's flesh.

[Use existing community resource to nourish a new tomorrow.. peacefully, doing best what you love the most... and alway applying a group-mind-of-love-attitude, or the whole human-condition of fear/hate/violence starts all over again, gene pool mine.]

Eat your old self for the nourishment needed over days of change to come.

We are the bulk of a new body to come, but the new neurons must first make contact, then group into functional responsibility of system processes. We have senses to develop.

We WILL molt the old skin of the days of psychopathic-governance over the clueless sheeples... when we reach a threshold of discomfort... and break-out of the larval exoskeleton not to fight, but to unfold our wings and dry them in the sun for a spell.


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