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Appreciation Inflence and Control (AIC)

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Date: Thu, 21 July 2011 09:08:28 -06:00

AIC is a new millennium paradigm of social affordance; the thesis of William E. Smith, Ph.D. AIC emphasizes a ((biophyscial correlate system)) of human cognitive dynamics to afford social progress of unexcelled solutions as an amalgum of hopes and dreams, with a program that enables this in actuality.

Dr. Smith's firm, Organizing for Development: an International Institue,, has been instrumental in successful AIC workshops around the world, and some that have reshaped nations.

AIC Paradigm at is devoted to celebrating personally unique qualities within a membership toward emergence of a group mission by the members, often unrealized, that captures a dream chemistry and a sense of destiny beyond the reach of social organization by hierachical social constraint systems as used in corporate and formal settings.