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Anticipation of the Magic of Mind

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Profound extrapolations of esoteric science

This psiFi is based on real science, but science at the fringe of knowledge about knowledge. Knowledge science of P. S. Prueitt, Ph.D. This author is aware of this science by discussions and messages with Dr. Prueitt. The psiFi extrapolation is purely an exercise of imagination. This is an imaginary but scientifically real path to a real world as may exist within our group imagination. That one world if equally connected to a certain group, would yet be individually reckoned per the individual's subjectivity and unique personal history of experience. Only communalization will afford a language of mind to emerge as a cultural artifact of common communication constructed by human minds. The language of mind is first emergent upon a machine hosting the artifact of group mind, yet only as a live link providing multiple mentalities to occupy a common experience. Emergence would be during combined moments of multiple and personally subjectified connections at the end of a wire, per se, actually within a resonant pulse field of a several meters effective width modulated with the escape basin qualities of combined mental contours of the proximal group).

Anticipation of the Magic of Mind


  • Multidimensional emergence

Projecting Mentality

  • Nerve language, pioneered by child prodigy, Patric Flanagan and marketed as the Neurophone.
  • The neurophone inventor patented a demonstrated device that directly and gently stimulates the human nervous system with an electrical pulse stream formatted as are the electrical signatures of pulses at nerve synapses --a pulse train, modulated by audio information.
  • Transcranial magnetic stimulation indicates direct evidence that magnetic fields can influence or dissallow habituated neural responses by influencing the quantum collapse by way of removing the escape basin of quantum collapse, allowing an expanded volume of gray matter to literally assist the neural network quantum transitions to the emergent result sufficing as our subjective, brain-wise reality.
  • When acuity is formed (see following) what is subjectified by an indivudual is yet the cognitive awareness of self and reality of that individual, sourced by the gearworks of mind as is any other facet of our perceptive envelope (personal reality).

Subliminalized Emergence of Perceptive Envelope as Cognitive Augmentation

Regarding visual acuity, and the Magic of Mind
Draft Page

Explained with some disjoint psychological experiments,[1] this entails that mind while living within sensory immersion will teach itself to perceive determinance within the apparent chaos of novel sensory perception.

In the context of the QAT multidimensional expression imagined by DonEMitchell toward creation of the software to do the same, the user will observe the categorical emergent artifact of an experience of moments over time. Living in an environment of total immersion with the artifact of mind completely engulfing the sensory matrix of ones human neurosystem enables at least daily sessions to afford the Magic of Mind over a process of time, assumed to be around a month with total exposure.

When that moment the mind has collapse upon a conscious awareness of the translation of oneself into this newly created and available region of consciousness, only speculation can infer a possiblity. I speculate it would be similar to an infant realizing that the world about them was somehow real, really 'there'. As this 'reality' is generated literally from the neural pulse stream of visual acuity, in visual neural immersion examples, where perhaps goggles were worn continually, blinding one to the outside world except through the sensory patterns of literal mental mechanics. In time, and in a novel OMG awareness of any level of eidetic sense, from seems real to a spiritual awakening into a new life mission with a new channel of augmented perception, to boot --provided the equipment of immersion continually removed. Development of total immersion, training to enhance perceptability to a low hiss of information to the subconcious, while the reality contained within the pulse stream is as real to the stream-worlder as real gets, is anticipated as possible, because that is exactly the world we also live within, born blind each of us, and learned to see we did only after immersion into a world of light. One girl congenitally blind saw first at age seven, a while after neurosurgery corrected the neural trunk to the visual cortex. Her task was to live, and let the mind learn to see. Her conscious moment of a newly reckoned acuity was thought to be an imagination, generated vividly by her sister's words and colorful easter-egg candy --as told to me by herself as an adult.

Such subliminal connectivity need not be input through the visual cortex, and magnetic pulse resonant fields, such demonstrated by MIT, Harvard, and Intel can be a direct coupling to the subdominant neurology which has the task of performing the Magic of Mind. Such immersion has no normal sensory feedback, and requires cognitive training for neural immersion, military style de jour. Multi-channel immersion with one channel being electronically reproduceable, like a 2D visual surface as a mind tablet, reflecting your subjective reality, and transceivable electronically between individuals. The multichannel acuitized individual would be able to experience a omnidirectionally broadcast group mind, immersing a counsel into the light of the group mind --a subjective reality that is very real, and responsive in the right now --an electronic real-time lock into group-mind.

  1. American college, volunteer wore googles that inverted teh world upside down, and learned to see upside down within a month while continally wearing them. When removed, the real world was upside down for another month. Don't cite me on this yet, citations needed (from the old Esoterica References).