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Alien science

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There may have once been an article here.

Peppered all through this wiki are deletions and uncertain confused attempts to describe a phreque download of knowledge, peaking in 2012 and 2013 culminating decades of focused personal research. I never want to be a crackpot, or conspiracy theorist, or embrace any other such delusion-wrapped belief systems --save practice of selfless-love.

Years later

This page sat here empty.

I felt compelled again in a clairity from several years of hind-sight, to try again to coherently share my understanding of an answer from the Universe. Looking this evening at a blank page titled Alien Science, I'll try again to convey what to me is really completely alien. I'll try to describe spirit tech leaked out to our world by a remote viewer.

Alien science based spirit tech does not so much augment the human complexity of cognition at the level of brain waves, but serves rather as an amplifier for the signals of each our own eternal minds, which each resides not in the neurochemistry of a brain, but outside our selves as signal patterns within the superluminal sub-quantum aether foundation of our physicality. Each our minds is a transceiver coupled into each our eternal spirit's qualities continuing as vibrations in the aether.

About the question,

a request of your innocent Admin to the Living Universe, of protracted intent focused into a large quartz-point to humbly ask the universe to give me the knowledge the world needs. Cliché. I confess to be a gimme. I also confess to now realizing, looking back these few years from late 2018, that the world of individuals was thereafter hiding from me anyone that also wanted such knowledge. I got what I asked for, but found a world that didn't want such delusions.

Enter my delusion

This so-called alien science information-download of sorts was just strange. It climaxed with a post-coma disclosure of a remote viewer who claims to have been the alien-human ambassador of a project aimed at creating a human-interface directly with the cosmic-intelligence of Reality.

So, here goes another attempt to share with you just enough to afford your curious gaze. This story comes as a whole-cloth re-invention of a function-based natural philosophy. The alien science is about how Reality functions -from a grammatical appreciation of concepts, and how human mind fits into the cosmic-strata from animal to hyper-sentient multidimensional beings.

From an alien perspective, per the disclosing remote-viewer, gravity is realized as a gradient in space of the duration of a quantum event. Picture this gradient of quantum-event-duration as a three-dimensional spherical 'dimple', sloping from all directions to a point-center. The closer to center of a time dimple, the slower 'timing' becomes.

This timing-dimple as a point-contortion within the flatness of 'universal space-timing' is the effect. Explanation of an alien technology to manifest a space-timing-dimple came forth to my total amazement —Alien-technology that manifests a 'time dimple'. A big one. Thirty kilowatt of energy ionizing an eight foot diameter glowing sphere.

Perhaps this can be called strange, so far. High-weirdness follows.

The 2013 Disclosure claimed that this time dimple was modulated by the presence of a proximal, nearby mind. The energy sphere manifesting as a timing-dimple within space-timing is also coupling into the signals within the cosmic aether; the zero-point energies, as a popular label.

(to be continued in this same Reality)