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Aether Experiments

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Aether Test

Experimental disproof of Grusenick

An interferometry experiment conducted in the vertical plane to test the results of the Extended Michelson-Morley Experiment conducted by Mr. Martin Grusenick of Germany, The results demonstrate that Mr. Grusenick's experiment is flawed in that it produced erroneous fringe pattern shifting as a result of strain on the interferometer breadboard and optical components.


Related Technology

Equating Interferance-Fringes to Physical Length Dilation

It allows us to relate practical measurements of path difference (a few tenths of a mm) to the really, really small measurements of the wavelengths of light, via the equation dM = (2*dL)/lambda. The number of new bright fringes that appear as you move the mirror a distance dL is inversely proportional to the wavelength.

Related Technology

Newton's Rings (Amrita University)

When light is incident on such a film, a small portion gets reflected from the upper surface and a major portion is transmitted into the film. Again a small part of the transmitted component is reflected back into the film by the lower surface and the rest of it emerges out of the film. These reflected beams reunite to produce interference. Also the transmitted beams too interfere. This type of interference taking place in thin films is called interference by division of amplitude.
If the lens plate system is illuminated with monochromatic light falling on it normally, concentric bright and dark interference rings are observed in reflected light. These circular fringes were discovered by Newton and are called Newton's rings. Source: