Plausibility: Control of the effect of Gravity in two sentences (theory and method)

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A Frayed Knot

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There has always been within our cultures a trend:

Fiction begins to prophesy our destiny.

Examine your world of fiction.

Within you is a shadow of the future.

The oracle of our destiny:

Our future leads to alien-contact and a new world order
much unlike what those crafting political and economic destiny struggle to preserve.

The statement above may be a true statement, i.e., prophesy from one as the assessment of the collective imagination of Group mind.

This lens from past into future has focused clearly in past decades. Ask yourself, "Why are not the next few decades also part of this same continuum and trend?"

Who died and left you as the bearer of the burden of disbelief?

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In Time For Star Trek, Physicists Say They Can Make A Warp Drive

"[...]but two Baylor University physicists believe they have an idea that can turn traveling at the speed of light from science fiction to science, and that their idea does not break any laws of physics."