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These templates are designed for Mediawiki installations. Copy-left DEM. Use freely.

Mediawiki magic words

{{SITENAME}} Portal
{{FULLPAGENAME}} WikiDev Templates
{{PAGENAME}} WikiDev Templates
{{NUMBEROFVIEWS}} 2,425,650
{{SUBPAGENAME}} WikiDev Templates
{{FULLPAGENAME}} WikiDev Templates (the full page name contained a colon, causing a new line)
{{PAGENAME}} WikiDev Templates
{{BASEPAGENAME}} WikiDev Templates
{{SUBPAGENAME}} WikiDev Templates
{{SUBJECTPAGENAME}} WikiDev Templates
{{TALKPAGENAME}} Talk:WikiDev Templates
Edit magic word template

Standard Menu Templates for categorical navigation

Usage of the standard menu template

Specify a top category for a Catalog. Edit the template {{Template:TopCategoryName}} with the catalog name as content. Use this menu in the one category page selected as the top catalog page, e.g., Category:Catalog. Template:Catalog View source → Category:Catalog

Use this menu in a category page

View source → Template:Cat

Use this menu in a category page that is a sub-category of category:

View source → Template:Catsub

Use this menu on a page in a sub category

View source → Template:Catsubpage

Parser-extension SubcategoryCloud

{{#SubcategoryCloud:Catalog|caption=Catalog subcategories}}


 {{Cat|My Category}} 
 {{Catsub|My Category|My Sub Category}}
 {{Catsubpage|My Category|My Sub Category|My page name}}
 {{#SubcategoryCloud:Catalog|caption=Catalog subcategories}}

Usage notes

  • The mediawiki magic word PAGENAME can be used in each usage of a template requiring the name of a page.
  • The menu templates each place the page where used in a category defined by the content of TopCategoryName. This can be changed any time.
  • The menu CSS style is defined in a class named menu.
.menu { padding:.5em; background:azure; color:navy; border:1px outset azure; font:bold 18px/24px times; }
  • The extension Logotipo is used to replace the Mediwiki logo of the page.