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Vadim Chernobrov

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Vadim Chernobrov
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Dr. Vadim Chernobrov

About Dr. Vadim Chernobrov

by Alexander V. Frolov (
“His Time-machine report of 1996 about Time Machine design and experimental results was first such sort report I saw. The Machine is complex systems of many electromagnets and its diameter is about 1 meter.
It is his many-layers electromagnetic system. In the report he said only several words about the principles and their technical realization: there are electromagnets and they are powered in special impulse mode to create "wave that is moving to central point of the system".
By my theory it is the way (one of many other ways) to create the "energy pumping" for some local space-time. In Ether theory the idea is "to change the density of the Ether".
Dr. Chernobrov's understanding of Time structure is not theoretical ideas only but it is based on his experimental results: the rate of time flow was chaged about 2 sec per 1 hour of experiment, he reported in 1996.“

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Vadim Alexandrovich Chernobrov (Вадим Александрович Чернобров}}, born 1965, Volgograd Oblast) is the founder and leader of Kosmopoisk organisation.[1] He is a ufology and mystery enthusiast,[2][3] as well as a meteorite hunter.[4] He has conducted experiments into changing the rate of flow of time since 1987.[5][6]

Article –What follows death?

Vadim Aleksandrovich CHERNOBROV
Birth: 1965, Russia
Education: Moscow Aviation Institut (MAI university)
Profession: Aerospace engineering, rocket building
Position: Kosmopoisk scientific unit leader
Occupation: Independent scientist, ufologist, cryptophysisist, writer, painter, traveller
Most impressive projects: Lovondatr device, Encyclopedia of mysterious places on Earth book, Kosmopoisk community creation.
Contacts: Email:; Website:

Vadim Chernobrov, from the book Mysteries and Paradoxes of Time

Pravda 26.06.2004

Time will come, and each person will be able to see if his/her ideas what follows death are true. However, people are eager to know about afterlife in advance, while they are alive. The only chance for us to look beyond death is listening to the stories of the people who was there.

Raimond Modi, the classic of the stories on life after death, analyzed the experience of 4,000 people who had had clinical death, in his famous book “Life after Life”. The analysis demonstrated that another life can exist after death.

In the beginning of the 20th century famous German doctor Berndt decided to find out what people feel after death. The doctor researched the people who experienced clinical deaths, or those being on the brink between life and death for a long time. According to the details gathered by the doctor, after postmortem life was based on different principles. First of all, the people who were brought back to life, felt much joy.

Arnold Zigfrid fell into the canyon in the Alps. He was felling down for 300 meters, then his body fell onto the trees whose branches weakened the terrible blow a little. For many days the man was on the brink between life and death, but when he regained consciousness he remembered, “It seemed to me that I was falling down for a long time. I felt weird joy. I have never felt that good in my life”.

In all cases of “resurrection”, feeling of inexpressible joy is described. Simultaneously the dead have a strange feeling that the time of the last moments of life is expanded.

Modi said that in the face of deadly danger, a person can recollect his/her entire life in a split second. For example, one driver said that when his truck was about to fall of the bridge, he “thought about everything he had in life. I just saw some images… as if it was for real. First I remembered how I was following my father on the bank of the river when I was two years old. How my toy car got broken when I was 5 years old. How I was crying when I cam to school for the very first time, and my tears were falling onto the yellow raincoat bought by my mother for me. I remembered a little about every grade of my school, remembered all the teachers and my teenage years. Then my memory brought me to my adult life. I remembered all these images in a split second. Then all finished, I was standing and looking at the truck… The truck was ruined, but I was OK, I jumped out of the cab through the windshield frame. I can remember all the images I saw, but it will take me 15 minutes, and during the accident it took me a split second”.

Science fails to explain how the dying people can see narrow tunnel and then – vivid “afterlife world” and its “residents” (despite the fact that human organism is hardly functioning at that time). Why not only people dying, but also people under stressful circumstances can see the “film” about their lives. Why dying people can see themselves, their bodies and even the room from above and outside.

Time speed changes rapidly for people dying. Before death, a person can enjoy the memories of the best moments of his/her life in a split second and, which is especially pleasant, to concentrate enormous efforts and push death aside. If the person did not resist death, the following things occur: flight in dark tunnel, meeting with alive (seldom) and dead relatives, meeting and heart-to-heart conversation with highly moral creature (saint?) in some beautiful place, summing up one’s life (if there was no “film” on the life before), decision on person’s staying or coming back to life being made…

All the people who were brought back from dead, said that they felt excellent when they were dying, and felt disgusting after being brought back to life. They said, “Time there is different!” “Time stopped there” “Time there is like sweet syrup”.

These statements are like cheerful reports of the researches telling us about some other world. Maybe this really happens, and our souls depart for some other world?

In comparison with the moment of death, one’s life is endless, in comparison with one’s life, non-existence is eternal. Death is just another time. We will not elaborate what kind of time is there – slowed down, retarded or speeded up, or if time there exists at all, each of us will have a chance to know this. I wish you not to find the answer to this question as long as possible.

Source: Pravda (Russia) 26.06.2004

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