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Hail talk reader!

The talk is that groupKOS may be developing a simple document server that operates on an API interface (structured parameters on the URL).

The talk is that the groupKOS owner may be privy to advanced disclosure information, or, the owner is really silly. Time may tell.

08:56, 13 September 2015 (MDT)

But let me ask you something, please. Do you think the author writing in third-person as Admin about the owner of his URL may be silly?

Einstein quote Two-things-are-infinite 1063x644.jpg

Here you may find

… on groupKOS services that exist in a plausible future (and our futures may or may not branch through that reality-unapparent) zanny exposure of the reality of the science of humans.

Especially fantastic is how humans are capable of 'herding' by mass-media to a level of well-earned stupidity, programmed for more of the same by our cultural norms.