Trichel Pulse Stream Generator

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Sensorizing the Chaotic Dynamic

Discussion on experiments to discover the toroidal[1] and poloidal[2] angular moments in a passing Trichel Pulse.

The experiment consists of an adjustable high-voltage D.C. power supply (0 to 2500 Volts D.C.), a conducting needle, and a conducting plate.

The needle is provided a continuous linear adjustment on a normal to the plate, to adjust the gap of the spark.

Trichel pulse streams occur while D.C. ion current is attempting to set up continuous plasma flow. Adjustment of voltage, pressure, and spark gap separation affect the frequency of the Trichel pulse stream.

The toroidal pulse will be an internal spiral within an external spiral. The internal spiral will rotate counter to the external, and the spirals join arms on the periphery with a phase angle determined by the ratio of forward travel to the axial component of the toroidal spin moment.

Enclosure within a pressure vessel provides adjustment of atmospheric pressure toward optimizing trends within the Trichel pulse memory dynamic to suite the application of the sensor.

A magnetic field B oriented with the line of travel of the toroidal plasma ejection (the Trichel Pulse) would induce clockwise or counter clockwise rotation of the ion plasma, relative to the magnetic axis, i.e., the toroidal ion group will rotate as a group around the magnetic axis, the line of travel.

Variations of intensity in the travel-axis magnetic field enable probing into the ion velocities of the toroidal travel by antenna coupling.


  1. toroidal: In-rolling into the torus hole.
  2. poloidal : around the axis of travel