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Thought Crime on Wikipedia Talk Pages

The issue here was unusual because it only involved a "talk page" edit. It wasn't a main article edit. There were already prolonged discussions on the talk page about the controversy surrounding the "Twin Paradox". I read through these discussions and noted that the relativists were able to take advantage of the confusion that has been sewn by a nonsense theory. I realized that the very fact the relativists could string the discussion out indefinitely meant that they had already won. They hadn't won the actual argument as such, but they were able to stay in power simply by sustaining the argument with an endless barrage of sophism.
I decided to put forward a thought which would over ride the entire argument. I put forward the thought that if the Earth has orbited the Sun, then one year has passed for everybody in the universe. This thought was swiftly erased. It was not allowed to be discussed. Two people (probably even relativists) attempted to discuss it, but they were erased as well, essentially having been accused of aiding and abetting 'thought crime'.
The interesting thing is the swiftness with which this thought was erased. All stops were pulled out to make sure that this thought did not appear in wikipedia, not even on a talk page.
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David Tombe

Retrieved by DonEMitchell 07:37, 27 September 2013 (MDT) from private correspondence.

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