Theory Criticism Wisdom

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You can't expect to innovate science without taking criticism. It is proving the critic right that educates you to do it, and proving them wrong that innovates the field. You will endure it, but like in music, the musician who endures the most criticism becomes the best musician. I welcome it in science topics because for you to prove me wrong, I force you to prove yourself right.Glenn Clabough

The key word in the quote is proving.

A priori knowledge may boast theory, while proof requires synthesis of a posterior knowledge —a "been there, done that" appreciation of the concept basin as a paradigm, where theoretical is registered or calibrated by the actual. This converts theory to applied science.

Replacement therapy for those introspective moments when the mirror neurons are stuck in outcast mode: Focus on creating proof.

Replacement therapy two: escape to the man cave and smile alot.