Superconducting Electromagnetic Engine

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Concept overview

Low voltage pulses resonate in a high current loop against a toroidal superconductor producing directionalized gravity field as a response to the increase of the stored strain within the superconductor. URL:
I would like to make public an epoch-making new technology in the world. The name of the new technology is "superconductive electromagnetic engine". The superconductive electromagnetic engine is an inertial drive engine which drives without acting mutually with the outside of the hull and can do reactionless drive. I applied superconductivity to the new technology. The engine is based on the macro quantum effect "momentum order" of superconductivity.

Since the superconductive electromagnetic engine changes electromagnetic power into driving force and cancels the reaction without using propellant and reaction mass, it is far more excellent than conventional engines.

It is an almighty propulsion engine which can replace a rocket engine, a jet engine, an internal combustion engine and so on. It is dream technology by which we can make star ships, ships to fly in the air, cars to fly in the air, flying bodies like UFO, airplanes which are far more highly efficient than airplanes which use conventional engines, wheelchairs which can freely move in the air and so on possible.

It is machinery not to make anti-gravity field but to make propulsive force which has the nature of anti-gravity.

I use small figures in "How to experiment" but it can make more than tens-of-thousands-of ton propulsive force by making a ripple current stronger and so on.

I, KUBOTA Hidefumi made the basic concept of this new technology complete.

When the experiment for the confirmation succeeds, I set the condition to be equal to persons who want license and open the door to all persons who meet the condition.: