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Stefan Marinov
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Several kinds of “shooters” are described that induce fatal heart attacks. He himself, Bearden writes, has been hit by such devices. An associate, Stan Meyer, died after a “possible” hit by a close-range shooter. Another ZPE researcher was killed by a bazooka-size shooter. Steve Marikov [sic], still another researcher, was assaulted by a sophisticated shooter and his body thrown off a rooftop to make it appear a suicide. When his body was removed, the pavement glowed.
—Martin Gardener
From: Notes of a Fringe-Watcher, Martin Gardner, Volume 31.1, January / February 2007
Retrieved 08:19, 2 February 2011 (MST) from The Skeptical Inquirer, ‘Dr.’ Bearden’s Vacuum Energy (


Stefan MARINOV 1931 - 15.07.1997

“Bulgarian genius, physicist professor Stefan Marinov worked during his last years in Graz, Austria. He has discovered the phenomenon of two-componentness of magnetic field, that is the presence scalar component except of known vector magnetic field. On the basis of his theory he has constructed a series of the observational devices, among which the "Marinov's motor".
He has created a method of measuring of a absolute Earth's motion within aether. He has measured a velocity of this motion - 360 +-30 km/s. Professor Marinov has finally and completely denied Einstein's SRT by this experiment, having shown, that velocity of light summarized according to Galilean Law.
Having measured velocity of light in one direction professor Marinov has shown all falsity of SRT postulates.
Paragraph 9
“St. Marinov leaved us prematurely. On July, 15th 1997 Professor Stefan Marinov was lost, being by one of version, thrown out by unknown persons from a window of Graz University library at centre of Graz [3, 4, 5], on another version, coordinated with local authorities - has committed suicide. The strange behaviour of police who has not informed Marinov's relatives on his death though all their coordinates were available for police [4]. His son, the deputy minister of the industry of Bulgaria M. Marinov was informed about death of his father from his friend only 2 weeks later when medical investigation of this accident became problematic already. The criminal have not found, and investigation have closed, as there was more than once in cases of attempts to life of inventors denied doctrines of the Einstein's theory.

Marinov Falsifies Einstein —Published 1980

Finally, I wish to inform the reader that in 1979, I carried out the differential "coupled-shutters" experiment in the Free University of Brussels, with whose help for the first time in history the unidirectional light velocity has been measured in a laboratory [8]. It is highly astonishing that the differential "coupled-shutters" experiment represents, maybe, the most simple and easly realisable experiment for a laboratory measurement of the light velocity, and can be set up on a couple of days in any college. It must be noted that the differential "coupled-shutters" experiment offers better technical possibilities for registration of the laboratory's absolute velocity than the interferometric "coupled-mirrors" experiment, and its theoretical explanation is much more simple.

[8] Marinov, S. (1980). Spec. Science and Techn., 3, issue no. 1.
Laboratory's Absolute Velocity, Stefan Marinov, General Relativity and Gravitation, vol. 12, no. 1, pg. 8-9 1980. Received June 28, 1979 (Retrieved from Bourabai Research ( Mar. 11. 2010)

Letters regarding Marinov's death and the loss to science

Stefan Marinov's Magnetic Vortex Hyper-Ionization Device (MAGVID)
Marinov's Magnetic Earth Model
Stephan Marinov Rememberance



Marinov: Annus Horribilis

The full page article published in Nature magazine
The article space was purchased by Marinov when Nature refused printing his letters to the editor.
From Home Page of Prof. Umberto Bartocci (
The following is the English portion at this link.

Before Stefan Marinov decided that there were kinder and gentler friends to be met, he left this LAST WILL AND TESTAMENT dated 15 July 1997:

My death is no person's fault. Please notify the following of my death: My son, Maxim Marinov, my wife Elena Kiriakova... in Sofia.

My son is a Substitute Minister of Bulgarian Industry and speaks English. My brother, Nicholas Marinov, is a resident of Sydney but presently on an extended journey through Europe. These three people are my heirs. I wrote a letter in Bulgarian to all three of them. These three letters were left open and may be read. Please kindly fax these letters, written in Bulgarian, to the fax number in Sofia, as well as all other letters left behind.

I leave three savings accounts in the following banks and account numbers: .... I hereby request that the banks transfer these accounts to my son in Bulgaria. All items in my apartment are left for my friend Werner Emig. ...

Please inform the following persons in Graz, Austria of my death: [Stefan listed four names with phone numbers.]

And the following persons in foreign countries: 1. Prof. Panos Pappas 2. Prof. Umberto Bartocci 3. Prof. George Galeczki 4. Hal Fox. Please fax to these four persons my Scientific Testament.

The books and other items left on my bed are to be handed to the persons indicated. My body is to be transferred to the Medical Faculty of the University of Graz, Austria. I thank the Austrian government for its hospitality and for conferring upon me the Austrian citizenship in difficult times when I was a fugitive from Bulgaria. Signed /Stefan Marinov/


By Stefan Marinov

After having walked so many years on the thorny way of truth, I became tired. My books and papers are my scientific testament.

I hope that soon the absolute (Newtonian) space-time concepts, which I restored by numerous experiments and by a simple mathematical theory, will be accepted by the scientific community as those corresponding to physical reality.

I hope that the perpetual motion machines, of which I constructed many prototypes without closing the energetic circle, will successfully be built by other people.

And if my achievements in space-time physics, in electrodynamics and in the domain of the violation of the laws of conservation will be silenced also after my death, by leaving this world I can only repeat the eternal words: feci quod potui [1].

Graz, Austria, 15 July 1997

/s/ Stefan Marinov

[1] Feci quod potui, faciant meliora potentes: Latin, “I have done what I could; let those who can do more.” From: dem



EPPUR SI MUOVE from the Bookstore of Progress in Physics.
by Stefan Marinov
Local copy
East-West Publishers, Graz, 1987, 187 pages
The right for free distribution of this book in electronic format has been provided by Marin Marinov, the copyright holder.

(16.6Mb PDF)

A 3th edition of Marinov's book, originally peer reviewed by Andrew D. Sakharov (1977). Stefan Marinov (1931-1997), an experimental and theoretical physicist, who invented a new and highly original method to measure the anisotropy of the observable velocity of light which is due to the carrying of light beam by the motion of the space of the Earth itself (the "coupled shutters" experiment). This book contains a detailed description of the experiment along with many other experiments, and also an updated version of Marinov's treatment of relativistic mechanics and electrodynamics.

An Introduction to Gravity Modification: A Guide to Using Laithwaite's and Podkletnov's Experiments and the Physics of Forces for Empirical Results

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A paper by Marinov in Russian ( translated to English (Google Translate) Note: the Google transliteration is good, but fails to produce conversational English.
Local copy:
by Glenn R. of Australia