Scalar Imagineering with Charge

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Here is the point:

If Bearden is correct in his Scalar EM theory, then we can build devices which would enable us to alter gravity, time, inertia, and the apparent mass of an object. This of course has ENORMOUS implications for military applications, space-vehicle drives, time-travel, teleportation, paranormal phenomena, and just about every other area one can think of.

The Big Question is, Will the 21st century see the acceptance, development, and implementation of Bearden's ideas (in plain public view, mind you), or will Scalar EM be found to have been just another dead end?.... Do certain world governments have these devices NOW?... Bearden says at least "three other nations, not hostile to the U.S.," now possess Scalar technology. —Rick Andersen, 7/3/97.
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Continued from Scalar Imagineering with Waves.

Water-charge correlation

Principally speaking, considering voltage as a pressure that forms, when static, a "surface height" within the electrical circuit that seeks the same level, like water in a vessel, then in principle, with one diode a secondary circuit could be 'pumped' as pulse wise currents between anti-nodes in the circuit that oscillated in phase to the voltage extremes of a standing resonance in a circuit made to resonate.

This in itself gains us no energy potential above the prime source, other than accumulating pumping circuit pulses into a resonance, then rerouting the pulses with the use of a diode (which is also lossy).

Where the water wave tank analogy had a hole above the water line to remove water to a separated container, the electrical circuit analogy required a non-linear element to simulate this, in addition to the diode "flap" allowing water back into the wave tank when the wiggling standing wave falls below the flap.

The upper escape point in the electrical harmonic circuit will remove stored energy from a positive cycle, and the negative cycle will be replenished by the energy removed from the positive cycle. This secondary flow between positive and negative harmonic cycles is yet only storing original prime source energy for use in a non-harmonic environment.

Where in the scale prime source driving ocean waves dwarfs the scale of energy needed by human endeavors, the instance of scalar compression of ocean waves to ballistically relocate potential energy to a holding tank above sea level, useful applications of this stored potential are apparent through the return of the water to a lower level, converting its potential through a rotary turbine, water wheel, or such to convert the stored potential to electrical energy of utilitarian value.

For practical purpose, the ocean can be considered a limitless source of prime energy at most any human scale used to harvest such potential as wave energy.

The Dirac Sea

How might we form a resonant chamber of the scalar dynamics present within the Dirac Sea, the vacuum energies, or level-seeking quantum foam.

What imagineered artifact would afford scalar compression of harmonics within this sea of energy potential at a sea level we call Reality?

What container?

What diode injector and non-linear positive tap?

Lorentz dynamics

Reality has a behavior that adds another dynamic to the propagation of pressure gradients, the right angle Lorentz Force [1]

Nature demonstrates this right angle dynamic as charged plasma travels along the magnetic lines permeating space throughout the solar system. The plasma self-organizes into a twisted helix pair of currents that provide the organizing force. This demonstrates the causal outcome of a right angle movement on a linear travel produces a helical twist on the line of travel.

Compression geometry

If a charged medium is compressed, the motion of electrical charge creates a magnetic field. As the medium approaches the center of compression the geometric dynamic of the Lorentz force puts a twisting strain upon the collapsing medium. See Fig. Φ.

Fig. Φ Implosion may be organized into a symmetry of spin.
Collapse of the Golden Ratio, Φ, from ~1.6180 to one (1)
produces a spin of ten face pairs of the icosahedron to
form an octahedron of eight faces.

Scalar compression of angular momenta

To be continued as explaination of the acceleration of helical torsion, such as the Birkland Ropes following strengthening magnetic fields... DonEMitchell 20:25, 13 April 2010 (UTC)

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  1. Lorentz Force demonstrated by a Java applet, by Walter Fendt