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The inherent quality of a ring-oscillator is chaos, by nature. The ring oscillator is an odd-numbered ring of inverting-amplifiers. Each amplifier outputs to the input of another inverting amplifier, with the last outputs feeding the inputs of the first amplifier, to close the ring. —dem


Integrated Ring Oscillators based on high-performance Graphene Inverters

Daniel Schall, Martin Otto, Daniel Neumaier & Heinrich Kurz

Scientific Reports, 3, Article number: 2592 doi:10.1038/srep02592

Received 04 July 2013 Accepted 19 August 2013 Published 05 September 2013
The road to the realization of complex integrated circuits based on graphene remains an open issue so far. Current graphene based integrated circuits are limited by low integration depth and significant doping variations, representing major road blocks for the success of graphene in future electronic devices. Here we report on the realization of graphene based integrated inverters and ring oscillators. By using an optimized process technology for high-performance graphene transistors with local back-gate electrodes we demonstrate that complex graphene based integrated circuits can be manufactured reproducibly, circumventing problems associated with doping variations. The fabrication process developed here is scalable and fully compatible with conventional silicon technology. Therefore, our results pave the way towards applications based on graphene transistors in future electronic devices.
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Electrical and electronic engineering Electronics, photonics and device physics

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