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Refrigerators R Us

Applied nucleosonic theory

The author maintains in this PSIence fiction, since the summer of 2010, that a radial rotation of a voltage gradient about a line will begin to couple with the electron thermal 'noise' at an angular velocity approaching the Znidarsic velocity. Rotary massage of the noise blanket acts as a cohering resonator with the electron thermal energy when the impedance of the coupling to the noise drops dramatically near radial velocities approaching Vt.

So, in the rotary, low impedance electronic coupling with the thermal electrons, the quantum transition duration delay forms a phase space of circular coupling that absorbs the thermal electron energy into the resonant waveform.[1] In other words, at the expense of the source energy needed to maintain resonance, the energy of thermal electrons may avail to harvesting when the circumferencial velocity of the rotating EM gradient approaches Vt.

ωVt = Vt / 2πR (1)

Electrical current output volume (power) would be causative of a decrease in temperature of the radial zone of the electronic coupling, expressed as an integral of the black body energy rate of decrease:

Power out = ∫ –dEblack body/dt – conversion power (2)

A significant point of this surmise: power output is sourced from thermal energy, not from a thermal differential.

A second point to ponder —as some population threshold is approached of chilled core material where enough thermal electrons are lost into a circular plane, there increases a circular wavegroup while approaching ωVt.

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  1. 2D planar dynamical coupling of stochastic energy of the same dynamics. [Citation needed]