Possible New Leads In The “Missing Dr. Ning Li” Case

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Possible New Leads In The “Missing Dr. Ning Li” Case
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Source URL: http://bigfatfurrytexan.wordpress.com/2010/12/31/possible-new-leads-in-the-missing-dr-ning-li-case/

About 3 years ago I stumbled on a mystery. There had been a breakthrough in “anti-gravity” technology in 1999 at NASA by Drs. Ning Li and Ron Koczor. But then nothing else to be heard from it.

Of course, being a “conspiracy theorist”, I have an idea what may have happened, as it often does happen. Since she worked for NASA, I doubted that she was killed. Instead, I suspected that she went into DARPA[1]. My suspicions were bolstered by similar suspicions from others who would be considered “insiders” (although none could confirm anything).

So, I went on a search. You can see the progress of this search, along with reader contributions and discussions in an ATS thread I authored titled “Anti Gravity And The Search For Ning Li”. To sum it up for you, however, I found that after she left NASA, she founded her own company called “AC Gravity LLC” (named based on her theory of gravity).

Shortly thereafter, the company disappears from the map. At the same time, she is rumored to have been given a $500,000 stipend to take her “AC Gravity” concept to the Army Research Laboratory. Then the trail completely dies.

I emailed Dr. Robert Baker, the eminent gravitational researcher, asking what he may have known. He was rumored to have been the go between for her and the ARL. I received two emails, apparently authored by two different people. They both were seemingly Dr. Bakers email accounts, but only 1 of the accounts used was actually emailed. There is a multiple delivery system set up on his publicized email, apparently, and he recieves it in more than just 1 account. The first email said something to the effect of “She took the money and ran, apparently, because I haven’t seen her since.” The other email was more verbose, and told me that her husband made the best Chinese meal he had ever had on their last visit.

No, the information was not contradictory insomuch as strange. Did he email me twice, forgetting the first one? Or is there some kind of assistant answering his emails? Regardless, there is MUCH more to be said about Dr. Baker (he is working in China, on behalf of the US DoD, helping to build the worlds first High Frequency Gravitational Wave Generator and Detector). Perhaps in another blog entry.

I also emailed Dr. Ron Koczor, the head of the department that Ning Li was working in, and reputed co-discoverer of the “lattice ion” concept that solves the Podkletnov experiment mysteries (if you are unfamiliar with the work of Evgengy Podkletnov, please look him up, it is very interesting and not too complex to easily understand what is going on). He responded with something along the lines of “Yeah, after she left NASA and moved from Alabama, I think she went to Maryland or something. Medical related.” I can’t help but feel that this is less of a misdirection and more of a subtle hint. But who knows.

So we were left with that for the last couple of years. But last night I received new information, discussing some work that Ning Li had done with Dr. Baker regarding his HFGW concepts (it seems that her AC and DC gravity idea might also dovetail perfectly with his High and Low frequency gravitational wave concept. VERY interesting, but again meant for a different blog entry).

In the document that can be found here, you can see that she was cochairwoman of a conference that occured in 2003. She was reported to have bailed with the ARL money in 2001. It would seem that we may have some proof here of a lie by Dr. Baker. If he hadn’t seen her since the ARL incident, then why was she cochairing an event 2 years later? This event represents a “who’s who” of the current Chinese/US collaboration, as well as Dr. Robert Bakers company. Every single person associated with his company was included in this conference.

Then there is this abstract that was also dated from 2003. Another lead to her being here among the living past 2001. As well, it gives some contact information (and email, which i suspect is long dead…..but who knows, I was told by an insider to quit pushing so hard for my own safety, so I stopped initiating email contact as a research tool). There is also an address for her AC Gravity company, which on Google Maps seems to be her home while living there. For you stalkers out there, you can see that here.

Another strange thing is the fax number provided. It traces back to an unpublished owner in Rush City, MN. Not sure what is in Rush City, other than maybe 2100 residents. I find that strange.

I am unsure where I might go from here, however. If you Google Dr. Ning Li, about all you get are things I have written or links to people who share her name.

I would point out, however, that once again we see Dr. Hal Puthoff involved in this conference. Everywhere there is a mystery involving science, this man is involved somehow.

On a side note, there is also this other document. I haven’t yet digested it, but it seems to have several different conceptual designs included. As well, there are quite a few applications for gravitational wave technology.

  1. DARPA: Defense Advanced Research Project Agency —This organization went black in 2001, the day after 911, organized by the retired Vice Admiral John M. Poindexter. At that time I was collaborating with Dr. Paul Prueitt on a (at the time open-source) DARPA funding competition in cyber security solutions.