Podkletnov Effect based on General Relativity

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A Theory of the Podkletnov Effect based on General Relativity

Anti-Gravity Force due to the Perturbed Non-Holonomic Background of Space
Source : HEXIS (Arizona, USA)
Auteurs: Rabounski D,; Borissova L.
Année : 2007
We consider the Podkletnov effect — the weight loss of an object located over a superconducting disc in air due to support by an alternating magnetic field. We consider this problem using the mathematical methods of General Relativity. We show via Einstein’s equations and the geodesic equations in a space perturbed by a disc undergoing oscillatory bounces orthogonal to its own plane, that there is no role of superconductivity; the Podkletnov effect is due to the fact that the field of the background space non-holonomity (the basic non-othogonality of time lines to the spatial section), being perturbed by such an oscillating disc produces energy andmomentum flow in order to compensate the perturbation in itself. Such a momentum flow is directed above the disc in Podkletnov’s experiment, so it works like negative gravity (anti-gravity). We propose a simple mechanical system which, simulating the Podkletnov effect, is an experimental test of the whole theory. The theory allows for other “anti-gravity devices”, which simulate the Podkletnov effect without use of very costly superconductor technology. Such devices could be applied to be used as a cheap source of new energy, and could revolutionize air and space travel.

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