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"Note: Rick Andersen is an electronics technician and experimenter based in Pennsylvania. This exhaustive essay on the "Philadelphia Experiment" and its implications to better-known technologies, like Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Imaging (NMRI), is one of the most thoughtful and far-ranging pieces on the subject we've seen in a long time."
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"This article by Rick Andersen suggests that the physics used in the Philadelphia Experiment is the same as the once commonly used now in nuclear magnetic resonance imaging."
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PHILADELPHIA EXPERIMENT Philadelphia Harbor – August 1943
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[ Aliens Time-Travel Wormholes)
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Excerpt —Time travel by natural forces, duplicated by Philly Experiment —Key term: "The damped, oscillating wave –which is analogous with a golden spiral formed by a hyperbolic impulse (a fast-rise, tail-dampened pulse)
"All of this is unseen to the human eye. If precipitation continues on its course, the magnetic band becomes the horizontal equator. The vortex funnels become the vertical axis of the poles, of gravity. A particle is born and the principle is now a unit. Now we can see it. "The spin has stabilized and slowed somewhat than at its birth. We can pump it up again, faster and faster; the particle will begin to radiate. If we keep this up the particle will 'de-centralize', will die as waves of heat, light and radio noise. Yes back to waves. This leads me to believe that the particle is simply a precipitation of wave coherence, that the wave is what is left after particle decay. They are separate only in their timeline of existence." -- John Walker, in Anti-Gravity and the Unified Field, edited by David Hatcher Childress, Adventures Unlimited Press., pp. 59 - 62. "There is a book entitled 'Reality Revealed -- The Theory of Multidimensional Reality' published in 1978 (Vector Associates)... [The authors, Douglas Vogt and Gary Sultan] "refer to a 'cross talk' effect where time and space information from one locale are transmitted, via standing waves of a sort, to another locale where the overlap then 'unfreezes' into so-called normal time and space. Standing waves, they observe, can act as a high potential transmitter requiring very LOW POWER to initiate the action... "The tornado passes and we are left with straw embedded in unshattered glass, a 2 x 4 piece of pine penetrating 5/8 inch steel, a 15 inch tire circling the base of a tree whose branches exceed 15 feet, and metal pipe UNDER the earth is left twisted in the wake of such funnels. Clearly something other than physical force AS WE KNOW IT manifests itself when CONDITIONS are met. I quote from 'Reality Revealed': "We contend that the tornado and the hurricane are examples of a cyclotron in reverse. [Here the reverse would be a high velocity (motion) creating a high frequency radio (wave) signal.] "At certain times of the year when the right temperatures exist, a giant capacitor is created. The earth is one plate and the upper atmosphere is the other plate.
The earth's magnetic field envelopes these electrostatic plates. We theorize that when the earth is tilted at just the right angle, high-energy charged particles are actually able to enter the earth's magnetic field from space. "Because of the earth's tilt angle in reference to the direction of the high velocity particle, the particle is siphoned down to the tornado belts or hurricane areas. Here the right atmospheric conditions exist to form the electrostatic plates. "The high energy particle charges the plates of the capacitor and a damped, oscillating radio wave is created. High voltage standing waves are also created. "The damped, oscillating wave, along with the earth's magnetic field pro- duces cyclotronic action of the atmosphere. In other words a nature-made cyclotron is created. "Because of the high electrical potentials created and the high standing waves produced, information that makes up the straw is translated (moved) in time; a translation in time is a translation in space. A translation in time of a microsecond of information at the speed of light represents a space translation of about 985 feet. Of course, if the straw just happens to be moved to the space occupied by a window or steel I-beam, it appears as if it has been blown through these objects. But what really happened is that the straw and the I-beam occupied the same space, but at a different time, when the tornado was present. When the tornado passed by, the time for the straw and I-beam became one (unfreezes) again."
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