Moon and Modern Physics Absurdities

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Moon and modern physics absurdities

by Sorin Cosofret

Astronomy relates us about what is happening at thousands of year lights with the same certitude as when relates an experiment in laboratory.

It is high time to show to these astronomers that they are going into a wrong direction and they have no clue at least about what's happening with closest celestial body – our satellite the Moon. Despite of facts it is a simple piece of matter, without atmosphere, without a significant magnetic field, without an internal structure, without performing relativistic acrobatics, Moon has something which turn over the entire modern science.

It is capable, with a certain delay, to transform itself into a microwave and radio partially polarised source when is illuminated by Sun. In a certain way it works like old lamps radios which need a period of time to heat up, until the signal is observed. The Moon emission in microwave and radio domain is thousand up to millions times greater then blackbody predictions for its temperature.

In fact, after Sun, for an Earth observer, Moon is the second strong source of radio and microwave signal ever measured. The explanation of this comportment will be made in next material when differences between electromagnetic waves and photons are analysed.

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A low cost experiment can be performed in laboratory to simulate lunar condition and show the real explanation for lunar radio emission, but I don't think actual well bounded chairs people will be interested to perform such experiment and throw out their entire career … But who cares!?

Best regards, Sorin Cosofret