Mobius Resistor

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Fig.2. A Moebius resistor.
File:Moebius edge red 468x468.png
Fig.1 A 2-1 torus knot of the same topology as the Moebius resistor of Fig.2.

The U.S. patent on the Mobius Resistor is titled Non-Inductive Electrical Resistor of R. L. Davis, 1964, Pat. No. 3,267,406. . Mobius Resistor is a term from the same patent in reference to itself as a class of cancellation-geometry electromagnetic devices.

A Mobius resistor cancels it inductive reactance at a certain resonant frequency.

A Frequency-dependent resistor as a capacitive strip shorted end-to-end, but with a half-twist, creating one surface with one edge as a Moebius strip.

Conductive edges of a Moebius dielectric strip create a polarization strain normal with the twist ;—DEM

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