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A whole planet of Gratitude, Vona, for the love aka respect which has bound this globe together -- perhaps for the first time. BlueStar heart/mind/body seeing no boundaries nor borders.

Et tu, Don Mitchell for making GIGABYTES available to bring back my last decade's work to the tens of millions of our enlightening siblings on the internet worldwide!

And too Chaiyah, Emily Cragg, for making the downloadable "Undiscovered Physics" (Metric Relativity) available on her website.

For the voluminous uploading going on, and downloads available, visit the GroupKOS MTwain pages:


Unfortunately, I was not able to carry my digi-videos out of New Zealand -- and I have not located any of the many magazine or newspaper articles from there -- yet I do have the hundreds of X49 Spaceplane designs and artworks which I will be uploading, and dozens of issues of LightNine and WarpNine, and hundreds of photos and art compositions.

And, of course, The Undiscovered Physics has hundreds of illustrations in its chapters alone.

As I could see, now a whole world can TRULY see, with seven billion pairs of widening eyes!

No different than Galileo's revelations of the heavens via telescope ... and Very Long Baseline Interferometry which now lets us see to the Superluminal Toroidal Sagittarius A* SuperStar at the center of the Milky Way Galaxy, and uncounted others amongst other galaxies and and galactic clusters.

Once we HAVE seen, and shared that seeing with the Blue Star, Global Consciousness, that seeing and knowing is eternal. immortal.

Now WE see creation, the ((formation of matter)) from electromagnetism --and the (blasphemous heretical) structure of the atomic nucleus!

We can never again be the provincial serfs WE, once, were ...

In HER celestial light unbinding!

Millennium Twain

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