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Tesla, Faraday, Andre-Marie Ampere, Leonardo, Galileo ... we all suffer from the karma of the Cult and Age in which we engage, of which we are a reflection. Truly the Corporate State during the past hundred years not only directed the word and works of all concerned, but also propagated complete falsehoods of their insight and intentions to the WHOLE of the media, academic, scientific and all systems.

And in hindsight, we can illuminate our current successes, discoveries, revelations in stark contrast to their dark situations.

More to the point, even today a hundred years later, we still refuse to acknowledge the TRUE pioneers of natural philosophy during that century — aka Jack H. Piddington, Robert L. Carroll, Thomas G. Barnes, Winston Bostick, Nikola Tesla, Viktor Schauberger, Milo Wolff, etc. etc. Those with a measure of integrity and truthspeaking.

Here is an EARLY one to ignite a sparkle in your eyes:

Richard T. Glazebrook, On the Molecular Vortex Theory of Electromagnetic Action, Phil Mag, 11:397-413, 1881 !

If you LOVE physics, astronomy, cosmology — read the greatest book of all time on the subject, Cosmic Electrodynamics by Jack Piddington, of Australia. The WONDER of creation never leaves us in the song of a TRUE seer!

In the case of 'Albert', who you refer to below, read his 1905 SRT paper — and you will see that there was no there there. One big zero ... mathematically, logically, and observationally.

'Special' Relativity theory ... for the 'special' heads out there.

'General' Relativity theory ... to make the entire world population 'special'. Slavering, obedient cattle ...

Proof, that the 'vacuum' was ubiquitous, at least in 20th century lollie-science.

Millennium Twain