Magnetic Reconnection

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Magnetic conservancy is non-stationary when certain thresholds of magnetic polarization are crossed, and toroidal magnetic stability is ruptured or divided. –dem

Magnetic Disconnection
Sep 04, 2009
"Problems with various theories could be resolved if mistaken identity were considered.
It is a case of mistaken identity for scientists to create a theoretical entity called "magnetic reconnection" when the forces and effects can be easily associated with solid evidentiary conclusions. Rather than electromagnetism acting in ways that are beyond the prevailing theories, why not use the evidence gathered by Birkeland more than a century ago as the explanation? It is the unfortunate character of modern research institutions that they cling to what has been pontificated from above and follow the well-worn path. That tendency goes so far as to ignore information, carefully documented by a dedicated scientist, in favor of fantastical speculations about what has never been seen."