Lo Shu Torus

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Lo Shu Torus

Lee Burton YouTube Video

Ancient well field of vorticity –396 octave matrix

Source: YouTube.com http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D9ehOZKpnsA&feature=digest

theleeburton — May 24, 2010 — This shows the Ancient well harmony with vortex based maths (VBM). We suggest you read the link to –I Ching math– as this math is the complete Ancient wisdom required in true understanding of Ancient number wisdom/magic of circa 3500 bce, potentially much older.

You must walk the path and decide for yourself upon inspection. Nothing forced, as everything is as it should be.

Video: Basically, single well or trilateral wells are event horizons/centres of binary symmetry. The three unique +1-1 field cores here have been united in octave relations = vortice wells = intrinsic spin et al.

Please look at other videos - regarding the vortex math alone, please watch Randy Powell's clear Youtube presentations, very clear regarding the Abha Torus of Marko Rodin's original VBM.

Trilateral wells are manifest when trine group 396 magic square mosaics are created. instead of advancing vertically in +1-1 which creates all 27 magic squares nested as other video, he wells trine fields relate or pass information if your looking at this openely by doubling every spatial integer of the field, (not +1-1) as with 27 magic square field. We progress level by level in octaves. Octave Binary trine axis –8 spoke– perpendicular flow that is by process creating the wells we have stacking them et al (selection). Magic squares only! nothing added as always.

The Binary Trines 396 create THE AXIS MUNDI

or whatever you would like to call perfect binary-trinary balance?

Many theories, I prefer Bruce Lipton's new biology, Rupert Sheldrake's Morphogenetic moment, Nassim's mini blackwholes in centres of a universe that learns about itself, Milo Wolfe models the measuring worm that contracts before it expands, we all sing the same song. A universal field of number, we zoom out and fit the holographic model, we count number-lines and groups and facilitate strings. So many theories... so we see where they originate? we find how the idea's were born- for relativity or Bohr or De Brogile, Rutherfield; working out harmonies in short. we see it fits 'hen to pan' all as 1. TOE? With no place for chaos... this truly is a gift from our Ancient friends, to a species yet to grasp the true Tao. Tao is not the nature of reality- simply a stage for nature to express growth in.


lburtons new site. adding page soon about this Well video.
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regarding this video until new update look at perpendicular on home page and trilateral well page, magic squares etc.

I Ching math shows the way

Paul Martyn-Smith's site. Thanks Paul out in the open where it belongs! ;)


Note: Respectfully, vortex math, due to its limits regarding pairs, is an included part of I Ching maths. I Ching math as re-discovered by Paul Martyn-Smith provides values for the trigram pairs 1-9 2-8 3-7 4-6 of middle Earth, the Lo Shu River document, and 1-6 2-7 3-8 4-9 of the Ho Tu Yellow River map, and 1-8 2-7 3-6 4-5 of the Ancient Well and Vortex math –so a little more in the toolbox for completion as following of the Ancient 'WAY' is vital in all respect to VBMers. Eternally grateful to Marko Rodin, Namaste –his ABHA nested vortice is a third of the vorticity here and is in chart 2 of the magic squares –Green in videos.

Paul (pmac) and I, Lee Burton, exchange with great researchers on Graham Hancock's Forum[link needed] –Maybe see you there? A great platform indeed with great wondering minds as required in the mystery that 'is'.

Email anytime for help, as I know the fields very well and can speed up your own journey happily.

copyrighted magic square matrix formulas - ask or say hello then cool.

If you build it they will come.

Hope you don't mind Radiohead, the music is great. Title of track: Where You End and I Begin – The Sky is Falling In.

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Source: YouTube.com http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D9ehOZKpnsA&feature=digest

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